Wesley Crusher

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You were finally settling in on the Enterprise and doing great working in engineering. You had graduated early and started working on board when you were only 18.

Because you were settling in so nicely, Geordi asked you to be the one to help Wesley Crusher get used to the workings of everything. The first day you met him to give him a tour he was already pointing things out in engineering before you could even think to do so.

The two of you kept worikng together for a few weeks and you realized how smart Wesley really was. Soon the two of you were spending most of your time together, trying to stump each other with weird facts and trying new experiments.

Eventually the two of you were practically inseparable, only parting at night to sleep. Except when you pulled all nighters doing an experiment in the lab.

After one experiment you woke up to someone talking while you were seater at a lab bench where you must have fallen asleep.

"Wesley, you're overworking yourself on experiments that some have to do with your real job! I think it's too much!" You beards Dr. Crusher say.

"I'm doing great mom." Wesley said.

"You're spending all of your time working with (y/n), more time on crazy experiments than work!" She exclaimed.

"Hush mom, don't wake (y/n)." Wesley whispered with a bitter undertone.

"You like her don't you? That's why you're slacking off with work!" Dr. Crusher accused.

"I do like her but that has nothing to do with how much time I'm working or experimenting!" Wesley demanded. At this point you sat up in shock, making eye contact with Dr. Crusher.

"I'll leave you too to talk about this, maybe later then you could spend time with me?" Dr. Crusher said while turning and walking out of the lab. Wesley turned around and look at you terrified at how much you had heard.

"Don't worry, I like you too." You admitted with a smile. "How about we have dinner together tomorrow? As a date I mean." You added, the two of you already had dinner together every day.

"That sounds great!" Wesley said with a smile. "How about we go eat breakfast now, we have a little while before our shifts start."

"Lets go." You said with a smile wha walking out of the lab, Wesley right behind you.

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