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You were sitting up on a pipe in engineering, tightening some fasteners on the pipe above you when you heard a loud voice beneath you.

"What're you doin' up there lass?" Scotty asked.

"Just tightening some things. " You answered, almost done.

"Please be careful." He told you.

"I always am Scotty, don't worry." You told him while you started to climb down. "I've don't this tons of times before anyway." You added. You grabbed onto a pipe that had some condensation on it and slipping out of nowhere. You held on with one hand and secured your footing. You climbed slower the rest of the way down and soon you were safely on the floor of the Enterprise engineering deck.

"Gosh lass you sure know how to scare a man half to death". Scotty told you once you were down.

"Sorry Scotty." You mumbled.

"That's ok, just get back to work, on the floor please." You did as Scotty wanted and worked on the floor for the rest of your shift, no more climbing on pipes for you.

By the end of the shift you were tired and ready to go to sleep your quarters and go straight to bed.

"(Y/n), do you have plans for dinner?" Scotty asked at you walked towards the exit of he engineering deck.

"No, why?" You asked.

"Would you, uh, want to have dinner with me?" Scotty asked with a smile.

"I'd love to." You answered, sleeping could wait until after dinner with Scotty. Scotty started walking with you towards a rec. room with a smirk on his face.

"Hey lass?" Scotty said out of nowhere.

"Yeah." You answered confused.

"Would you, uh, be my lass? You really scared me today up on that pipe and I realized how much I really like you and I wondered if you'd be my lass." Scotty asked with a nervous smile on his face.

"I'd love to be your lass Scotty." You said either a big smile. "I guess now I have a reasons not to climb on pipes." You told him. "I have to stay on the ground and keep you out of trouble." You both laughed at this before Scotty smiled at you even brighter than before.

You gave him a look as if to ask what he was smiling at. Scotty shook his head to brush off your questioning but would not stop smiling at you.

"What is it?" You finally asked.

"I'm just so happy you're my lass." Scotty explained blushing. You blushed right back at him before kissing his cheek.

"I'm really happy I'm your lass, too."

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