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Hey everyone, thank you all for reading, voting, and commenting! I wanted to let you know that I will be changing my update schedule for the book because I plan to start a different one shot book. I'll let you know when I have more info on that book, but this one will now be updated every 4 days instead of ever 2. Also I'm sorry that this is short, I'm sick and fried from finals. Thanks for being understanding! Happy holidays!

You walked out of your bedroom towards the room of your son with a smile. You opened the door of his room to see Bones trying to buckle your 8 month old son Hayden into his carrier.

"I don't think I did this right," McCoy mumbled. "Why is there an extra buckle, do you know?" He asked your son with a smile. You held back a giggle while you watched your confused husband.

"Want some help?" You asked with a smile.

"What, no, I've got this!" Bones exclaimed.

"Sure you do." You muttered while sitting in the rocking chair in the room. It took another 15 minutes of mumbling before Bones sat back in defeat.

"Can you help me?" He asked you quietly.

"Of course," you told him before buckling your son up in a matter of seconds.

"Why did it seam so much harder when I did it?" He asked.

"Because I actually knew what I was doing," you answered with a laugh before grabbing the carrier with one hand and your husbands hand with the other. "Can we go get dinner now?" You asked.

"Of course, let go," he said while walking out of the room with you.

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