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You had just beamed down to a planet with Riker, Data, and Worf looking for the source of a distress call.

"(Y/n) and Worf go north, we will go south. The signal was not very strong and fairly random so keep your eyes open." Riker explained before Turing to walk away with Data.

Worf started walking and you walked along with him. You had always liked the Klingon but you never got to talk to him much. You were also a security officer but you tended to work on different shifts than Worf. Soon the two of you heard something in the shrubbery to your right. You both turned only for there to be an ambush.

Many humanoid beings jumped out of the bushes to attack. You were knocked backwards and blacked out instantly.

You woke up slowly, taking time to adjust to the bright lights around you. You took in your surroundings and realized you were in a hospital room.

"I see you're awake (y/n)!" A familiar voice said. You looked up to see Dr. Crusher walking up to you.

"I am, how long was I out, and how did I get here?" You asked.

"You've been out for about three days. You and Worf were attacked and he was able to beam the two of you up after you were knocked out. You had a a nasty concussion and a twisted ankle. The swelling in your ankle has gone down though." The doctor told you, gesturing to a chair need your bed. It was only then you noticed the Klingon asleep in the seat facing your bed.

"What's Worf doing here?" You asked the doctor.

"He hasn't left much since you came in, only for his shift and he's taken quite a few breaks and gotten out early to come see you. He was really worried about you." Dr. Crusher explained with a smile. You smiled over at the Klingon before noticing him move.

"(Y/n)? Are you awake?" Worf asked while waking up.

"Yep, I'm up." You said with a smile. Worf smiled back at you before sitting up fully in the chair. "When can I be released?" You questioned.

"Either now or in the morning. I'll only let you go now if someone will spend the rest of today and tonight with you, you shouldn't be alone after a concussion like that." The doctor explained.

"I would stay with you if you would like to go (y/n)." Worf offered quietly.

"That sounds great, lets go." You slowly sat up and climbed out of bed. You were slightly wobbly on your feet after being out for so long but Worf caught you. You held onto his arm and walked out of sickbay, slowly getting more steady on your feet. "Thanks for staying with me." You told Worf.

"I'm happy too. Are you feeling well enough to go get dinner with me?" Worf asked with a small smile, looking a little nervous.

"I'd love to." You said smiling back at him. The nervous look in his eye quickly went away, replaced with a glint of happiness. The two of you walked to dinner, then back to your quarters for a good night sleep knowing your favorite Klingon was looking after you.

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