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You rolled over in your sleep to see it was 2 in the morning and your boyfriend Jim had not come to bed yet. You got up slowly and went looking for him. He was not anywhere in your quarters so you headed to the bridge.

Walking into the bridge you noticed Jim sitting in his chair, working away at something in his PADD.

"What do you think you are doing working at this time of night?" You asked him while walking up to his chair.

"I'm working (y/n). You know that." He said quickly before going back to his work.

"I told you you needed to stop working so late and start sleeping!" You exclaimed while pulling him out of the chair. You pulled him along with you towards your room, all the while lecturing about how important sleep is.

"I'm fine (y/n)." Kirk interrupted when you had finally reached your room. "Just go to bed." You rolled your eyes at the captain before pulling him into your room.

"Bed, now!" You told him. The captain slowly changed into pajamas and layers down on the bed, still working in his PADD. "I did not mean work in bed, I meant sleep" You said exasperated.

"But I just have a little more work to do". Kirk whined.

"Too bad". You said, taking the PADD from his hands. You started to lecture him again but then heard a small noise. Looking down you realized Kirk had fallen asleep just that fast.

You turned of his PADD and laid down next to him in bed. You slowly curled up to fall asleep yourself, happily beside your tired boyfriend.

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