42: flame outburst

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The hitman was quite proud of the brunette's fierce determination to protect the ones that he loves.

"Since I've seen a good sample of your skills, why don't I start teaching you how to draw out your flame"

Honey orbs blinked in surprise before closing, honey orbs were now orange when they opened.

'His ability to switch into even a partial dying will on his own without prior knowledge is quite amazing'

"This is as far as I can go"

The brunette replied softly after coughing a bit.

"That's fine, now start to picture a flame flickering within your chest"

Tsuna nodded at the hitman's words and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes the teen let out a soft gasp.

"I think that I see it!"

The teen whispered in surprise.

'So soon?'

"Now imagine that strength flowing throughout you and draw upon it's power"

Tsuna nodded silently, Reborn observed how the tranquil expression on the teen's face started to gradually morph into discomfort.

"I can't......"

Tsuna breathed, his voice laced with slight pain.

''He's acting odd'

"Try to pull just a little more"

The brunette grimaced as he nodded, a few seconds later, the most pure sky flames that Reborn had ever seen erupted from the brunette's chest.

'What?! Only a spark is supposed to show up at first!'

A pained cry erupted from the teen's mouth as he hugged his chest, the hitman felt fear spike him when he realized that the flame discharge was not stopping.

The hitman jumped towards Tsuna only to be overwhelmed by the sheer strength of the heat that the flames were emitting.


Reborn was inwardly panicking, he'd never heard of flames going this berserk during these kinds of exercises before.

The teen didn't respond to the hitman's call, instead he was sitting on his knees hugging his chest, his head tilted skyward in a silent scream.

'This is bad..... I've got to stop him before all of his flames are gone!'

The harmony factor was pulsing off of the suffering teen in waves, if the hitman wasn't so panicked, he would have been instead humming in delight at how the pulses were making his inner flame flair and resonate within him.


The brunette whimpered, the hitman felt his heart jolt at the pained expression.

'Damn harmony factor... It's muddling my thoughts!'

Suddenly the metallic tang of blood gig the hitman's nose like a brick, onyx orbs widened in shock at the blood trailing from the brunette's mouth.

'The internal damage is enough for him to bleed, however his flames don't seem to be burning him....'

"Tsuna, don't worry! I'll help you get rid of the pain...."

Reborn stated as he clasped his own yellow pacifier that hung around his neck.

'Sky flames are filled with harmony... This should work to stop the rapid discharge....'

The tiny infant raised his arm so that the palm of his hand was facing Tsuna while his other hand clasped the pacifier.

He cringed when the stream of orange flames began to flow into him then back towards the brunette.

He could feel the sweat that was beginning to form upon his brow.

'I've got to channel Tsuna's flames quickly before he dies from flame exhaustion!'

The hitman glanced towards the brunette and became relieved when the flames seemed to be calming down.

He continued to redirect Tsuna's flames until the fiery inferno was gone, the only proof that it had ever existed was the burnt area surrounding the teen and the teen himself who was unconscious.

Reborn staggered slightly, still overwhelmed by the pure flames that had went through his system.

"This wasn't supposed to happen....."

The hitman whispered softly as he walked towards the brunette and laid a hand upon the teen's cheek. The honey eyed teen was clammy and his breathing hitching with each breath.

'Why does nothing concerning him ever turn out right?.... Nothing is ever normal with him...... He can enter the dying will state partially, but when he draws upon his flames they lash out....'

Reborn let out a tired sigh as he glanced towards go partner; Leon.

"I think things are more complicated than they seem. I have a lot of work ahead of me...."

The chameleon licked the hitman's cheek affectionately in agreement.

'I don't think that his life is currently in danger anymore.... I'll let him stay there until he wakes up'

The hitman leaned against the unconscious teen and let out a troubled sigh, the lingering harmony presence was almost too much that it was scary how such an inexperienced teen could harbour such power.

'His strength is unnatural yet not menacing, soothing yet overwhelming... His potential as a sky is limitless....'

He was thankful for the harmony factor washing away his fear so that he could think clearly to observe the situation, and what he did observe did not please him.

'Tsuna could have been torn to shreds by his own flame, the very flame that's supposed to protect ..... It didn't harm him outwardly but inwardly, it also didn't spark like it was supposed to, instead it was as if a dam had been broken..... I wonder if his flames were ever sealed when he was younger.... But Baka-Ie's flames were sealed and he didn't put forth power like that despite me using the harsher methods on him'

The hitman let out a tired sigh as he lowered his fedora.

'No his flames weren't sealed, Nono stated that Tsuna had no flames whatsoever.... But then that would mean that something is restraining his flames..... I should ask Tsuna later...'

Normally Reborn would have been worried about the teen being scarred for life at such an experience, or at least afraid of flames. However he had a feeling that such an incident wouldn't really faze the teen for long.

'Tsuna is strong.... He'll be okay'

The hitman cleared his mind to focus upon his flame, it was still resonating yet it wasn't harmed in the slightest.

'I wonder why I risked my core being overwhelmed for him....'

Me: that's the end of the chappy~ I hope you enjoyed cause it was super fun to write~ anyway bai bai for now~~

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