38: cough attack

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Uwaaaa can't believe that's it's been a little over 4 months since I started this~


"I guess that you're not pervert-Tsuna after all"

The hitman replied with a dark smirk, the brunette blushed in embarrassment.

"Of course not!"

The honey eyed brunette squeaked.

'It's a good thing, I won't tolerate any of my students becoming perverts'

The brunette suddenly began to cough harshly, the teen cupped his hands over his mouth to attempt to muffle the noise.

"Oi Tsuna, you okay?"

The hitman inquired with faint traces of worry, the brunette silently shook his head as he continued to cough, it was beginning to now sound like pained gasps half of the time.

'Usually he only coughs a little bit at a time? Is his condition worsening?....'

The teen quickly ran towards the bathroom and closed the door, locking the hitman out.

"Oi Tsuna, let me in"

'I need to check on his throat to make sure that it isn't overstrained...'

"Don't bother Reborn, dame-Tsuna doesn't like people seeing his attacks"

'So the Baka-student has come out of his room'

The hitman turned towards Ie who looked like he had been up for a while, which of course the hitman was already aware of the fact that the teen had woken up long ago.


Ie nodded with a bored expression plastered on his face.

"Yup, we call them that because dame-Tsuna sometimes has harsh coughing fits at random times"

'This isn't good.... If he has an attack during a fight he could be in trouble.... Shamal needs to hurry up in arriving'

The hitman nodded in response as the brunette left back towards his room.

'Did he get up just to tell me that?'

"Dame-Tsuna is so loud and annoying...."

Ie whined before closing his door.

Reborn waited patiently on the other side of the bathroom door, listening to the teen's coughs.

'I can't barge in like my normal self, I've got to respect his space or else he might stop talking around me'

His inner flame jolted at the pained whine that came at the end of the brunette's coughing fit, he heard the sound of something slumping to the ground.


He heard a tap on the door in response, the hitman frowned at this.

'His throat is most likely too sore to talk'

"Can I come in?"

The sound of the door unlocking prompted the hitman to enter the bathroom, the brunette was sitting in a corner with his legs tugged up to his chest, he noted the tired look within honey orbs.

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