21: Weakness for food

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Tsuna grabbed the box and shoved it back under the dresser, letting out a relieved sigh once he had done so.

"Tsuna, why were you so eager to leave before?"

'I wasn't even threatening him or anything yet he still seemed desperate to leave...'

Honey orbs blinked before trailing towards the window as the teen pursed his lip.

"It's a habit.... I can't stand being cooped up for too long, it makes me feel edgy and sick..... Don't worry, you had nothing to do with it"

The brunette soothed once he noted the slight guilt that seemed to have been manifesting within the hitman.

"Is there a reason for this?...."

Reborn questioned, a little startled that the teen could read him so easily, for it was usually the other way around.

"Mmmmm got kidnapped once"

Reborn's eyes snapped towards the teen's face in shock.

'This was never mentioned in the reports at all, how could something so important not be recorded....'

"This is the first that I've heard of it..."

The hitman sighed, inwardly cursing the brunette's idiotic father.

"Mom doesn't know..... And Ie-San barely remembers even though he was kidnapped with me"

A forlorn expression crossed the honey eyed brunette's face for a few seconds before disappearing.

"Who kidnapped you?"

"...... Italians in suits wielding guns"

'How did he get free?'


'Damn you Iemitsu! You leave your family alone to protect them but you only ended up making them easy targets!'

The brunette nodded before coughing lightly.


Onyx orbs narrowed in suspicions at the teen's lack of reaction.

"You're leaving something out aren't you?"

A sly smirk crossed Tsuna's lips.

"Don't I always?"

The hitman opened his mouth once more to speak but was cut off by Nana calling for supper.

Both Reborn and his claimed student headed down the stairs, the smaller of the two sitting on the bigger's head.

Ie scowled at Tsuna as soon as he sat down at the table.

"Here you go, strawberry juice for Tsu-kun, Ie-Kun, and myself and coffee for Reborn!"

Nana chirped as she placed the glasses in front of their respective drinkers.

Reborn slapped Ie's hand away from Tsuna when the idiot attempted to knock over his juice onto him .

'The only thing that seems to motivate Baka-Ie is Tsuna, and that's only in the bad motivation kind of way.

When Mac and cheese was placed in front of everyone, they all began to eat, the hitman noted how honey orbs kept darting towards Baka-Ie uneasily as if the teen was afraid that his brother would steal his food.

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