22: Attempt

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The hitman headed up to his real student's room and paused in the doorway when he saw the brunette passed out on the ground.

'Potent sleeping medication...'

Reborn was grudgingly impressed with the way that Baka-Ie used his title of an idiot to allow him to be underestimated, though despite the fact that he was slightly impressed, he still wanted to feed the boy's entrails to wild dogs.

Reborn gently kicked Tsuna experimentally and frowned when the boy didn't respond, he doubted that the teen was a normally heavy sleeper so he allowed the teen to sleep on the ground.

'Baka-Ie is planning something...'

He took it upon himself to sit vigil in the shadows for the teen throughout the night so as to be ready for any attempts on the teen's life.

Sure enough, after a few hours had passed, the bedroom door creaked as a pair of brown orbs perked inside.

'That idiot, I won't let him hurt Tsuna again'

Reborn immediately kicked Ie's face so as to not allow another mistake like the last time to happen once more.

A startled yelp and the sound of a body hitting the floor was all that was heard, onyx orbs narrowed dangerously at the items that his idiotic student had dropped; rubbing alcohol and a lighter.

'He drugged Tsuna so that he wouldn't be able to escape, I'm not big enough to carry him to safety either.... I would have had to put out the fire if I hadn't waited.... If I wasn't here, Tsuna would have....'

Fear blossomed within the hitman's chest at what had almost happened to his chosen student, it was an odd sensation, one the hitman wasn't very used to and also a feeling that confused him greatly.

'Why do I feel so scared at the thought of Tsuna dying?....'

The hitman huffed and lowered his fedora.

'A true sky indeed for making me feel a little bit of an attachment to him...'

The hitman's gaze travelled over towards the idiot.

'Now how should I punish him?'

A dark gleam was present within his eyes as he disposed of the brunette's potential weapons before throwing the boy out the window, unfortunately at an angle that wouldn't kill the teen, he didn't want to be branded a traitor after all.

Reborn spared Tsuna a fleeting glance before hopping out the window to drag off the unconscious Ie for some extra training.

Honey orbs slowly opened and a small, thankful smile crossed over a certain brunette's lips.

"I knew that you'd protect me Reborn"



Ie screeched in disdain as he ran along the streets of Namimori at five AM. he wasn't in dying will mode yet he was still reaching great speeds, the reason was the many dogs that were chasing him due to a certain hitman 'accidentally' spilling animal pheromone all over him.

"Shut up Baka-Ie and run!"

The hitman stated darkly as he shot at the teen, a pitiful whine escaped the teen's lips as he picked up the pace.

"It's not fair!"

Ie cried, half to himself, he felt ashamed of what he had don't the night before, ashamed that he had failed his task of getting rid of his worthless brother.

'It is fair Baka-Ie, you deserve much worse for trying to kill family'

"Family is important Baka-Ie, you've got to learn to accept that fact if you want to become a great boss"

'In your worthless dreams of course'

The hitman replied, a dark shadow crossed Ie's face as he hopped over a fence, effectively cutting off his pursuers in order to allow him to stop and rest.

"Dame-Tsuna is not my family!"

Ie hissed, already realizing what the hitman was talking about.

"And pray tell me why?"

Brown orbs narrowed as a snarl gurgled in the brunette's throat.

"Because he's a monster, I've already told you this how many times?!?"

Reborn kicked Ie in the face, sending the boy crashing into a tree.

"That answer will never make sense"

A small pout covered the brunette's face, Reborn was unfazed.

'Tsuna's pout is better and more convincing'

"That's the only answer I have though"

'Still worthless'

Reborn hopped over so that he was in front of the teen.


Ie opened his mouth to object but closed it at the quick glare that the hitman shot at him.

"He's a freak, he's not normal with how quiet he is, and all of a sudden he's got you and that suicide boy wrapped around his finger!"

'At least he's starting to explain, even if it's not helping'

Reborn ignored the venom laced tone in favour of prompting the boy for more information.

"Even before people noticed him you were cruel to him Baka-Ie"

Brown orbs narrowed as the teen crossed his arms.

"Oh course, to keep a monster in its place you've got to train it and keep it weak"

Reborn knocked Ie out after the words left the teen's mouth.

'So an irrational fear is prompting Baka-Ie to keep Tsuna weak out of fear... I never would have guessed that Baka-Ie was actually afraid of Tsuna by the way he acts towards him....'

The hitman headed back, leaving the teen to find his own way home. He wanted answers and he figured that asking Tsuna wouldn't hurt as a starting point, after all, the teen did basically say that he could ask anything.

'The worst that would come from asking Tsuna would be him saying a riddle or him saying that he doesn't want to answer'

Reborn for some reason trusted that Tsuna wouldn't actually lie to him, he guessed that it was because of the straightforward nature of the teen.

Reborn smirked when he remembered the snappy words that Tsuna had said to stop Takeshi from jumping off the roof.

'Yes, Tsuna isn't one to sugarcoat, an ideal trait for a boss, though, he should know that sugar coating can be useful at times'

Me: hehe I had fun writing this~ and Ie talked about Tsuna in a slightly rational way instead of yelling threats~~~ hehe hope ya enjoyed~

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