51: Bonding

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Emerald orbs glimmered in adoration as the bomber swiftly straightened himself out and stepped to the side to allow the brunette to exit the house.

"Tsuna-Sama, you're so humble...."

A faint blush of embarrassment tinted Tsuna's cheeks as he exited the house.

'Gokudera was a fine choice on my part, the adoration could do wonders to his self confidence'

"Haha, we're lucky that Tsuna hadn't already left, right Gokudera?"

Takeshi laughed as the three of them began to walk towards the school together.

The hitman settled himself into the brunette's soft, fluffy hair as he listened to the conversation.

'As much as I loathe my size, it's quite convenient at times'

"Shut it baseball freak! Even if Tsuna-sama had already left, I would have rushed to school to meet up with him!"

The silver haired teen growled in annoyance. The baseball fan just gave a cheeky grin before shrugging.

"What's with the 'sama' part anyways? Tsuna is amazing, but he's still just Tsuna "

The brunette shifted a bit away from the baseball fan as the bomber pulled out a few sticks of dynamite.

'Hmm seems Tsuna already figured out what will happen next, though there's no surprise....'

"You bastard! How dare you disrespect Tsuna-sama!"

Hayato growled as he lit up the dynamite and tossed them towards the raven. Reborn heard a soft sigh escape from the brunette's lips as he watched his chosen student swiftly put out the wicks of the dynamite in mid flight.

Takeshi blinked in surprise when he was hit with the two unlit explosives before laughing .

'He really doesn't seem to be sick.....'

The brunette slowly crouched down, mindful of the hitman on his head, and picked up the explosives from the ground before standing up and turning towards the bomber with the explosives held out.

"Please don't fight"

Tsuna whispered softly with a shy blush as the bomber's jaw dropped while accepting the explosives.

'They're already ensnared within his influence it seems...'

The hitman ignored the fact that he himself was probably the one who was the most ensnared by the brunette's presence.

"O-of course Tsuna-sama, I'll hold myself back from attacking the baseball freak within your presence"

The silver haired bomber replied, the honey eyed teen pouted for a moment before shrugging, figuring that arguing was a part of the other's nature.

'He's so whipped...'

"Thank you Hayato..."

A faint blush tinted the bomber's cheeks at the praise.

"Awww Tsuna is so cute!"

Takeshi laughed as he brought the smaller teen into a hug, not able to continue watching the brunette without hugging him. Reborn had jumped off before he was included in the hug.

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