36: Sleep

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Reborn was glad that the brunette was easily catching up to his grade, teaching the teen math was almost too easy.

'I doubt that people would be able to get away with skimping money from Vongola after Tsuna takes over'

"Reborn is this right?"

The hitman glanced over the page and nodded.

"Yes, and continue to line up the equations properly so that the teacher can read the answers easily"

The hitman replied, inwardly glowing with pride at the advancements in the teen's grades.



After a while of teaching the brunette math, the hitman decided to change the subject to allow the teen to more properly absorb the information.

"We should start on English next"

'It's the most common language so it's important for Tsuna to learn it'

The brunette shook his head in response.

"I already know English, my tests are bad because it's too troublesome when I keep being accused of cheating"

'I could see why... But that's not right, schools are supposed to support it's students'

The hitman was wondering whether he should fix the school's faculty or not, he didn't want the brunette in a useless learning environment.

"Oh really? You've spoken some Italian to me before, so do you know that as well?"

The hitman was pleased when the brunette gave a nod of confirmation.

"Yes, I know Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and some Russian. I've had a lot of free time in the past...."

'Perfect, he knows the main languages of the mafia, this saves us quite a bit of time'

"I'm not sure if I should be surprised lazy-Tsuna"

The hitman replied with a smirk as he threw an eraser at the brunette's head. The brunette tilted his head to the side to dodge it.

"It's getting late.... Can I go out?"

The hitman's gaze narrowed for a few moments before he let out a silent sigh.

"Okay but be back before school tomorrow"

Reborn replied, and in no later than a few seconds, the brunette was gone and put the window.

'He's really got a high recovery rate, this could be useful... However he may one day overestimate it.....'

With the brunette no longer around, the hitman headed towards his idiotic student's room to check up on the teen's homework and lecture the boy about listening in on conversations.


Ie hissed as soon as the infant stepped into his room, the hitman smirked darkly at the lack of warmth in the greeting.

"Baka-Ie, it's about time I give you a lecture on manors..."

Reborn trailed off as he cocked his Leon gun.

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