31: Return

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Uwaa I hate long weekends... I forget what day it is and my mental schedule gets messed up....


A brunette with orange glowing eyes stumbled down a corridor, the once pristine white walls were now stained a bright scarlet as he used the walls for support.

"Stop it right there!"

Glowing orbs flashed towards the direction of where the voice had come from as a maniacal grin spread upon the boy's lips.


The boy's voice was emotionless as he took a few stumbling steps towards the white clad man who had turned the corner.

The man was armed with a gun loaded with syringes containing unknown liquids, all the teen knew was that he didn't want those syringes being prodded into himself.

The person took a wary step backwards when his gaze met with glowing orange, audibly gulping as the boy approached him.

"I-I'm warning you! Stop it right there or prepare to feel my wrath!"

The brunette chuckled darkly at how the man's voice wavered fearfully despite the bravado that the man had attempted to pull off.

"I'd rather not....."

The boy replied darkly as he continued to advance on the man.

"Y-you asked for it!"

All that was heard was the sound of the syringe gun firing non-stop.


"Carnivore, I hold you responsible for the baby-carnivore's kidnapping"

The hitman was silent as he and the skylark ran across the rooftops.

'I guess that I shouldn't be surprised about how fast Hibari starts his tasks...'

"Hibari, do you know anything about the enemy?"

Reborn questioned, knowing how him and the brunette had seemed quite close despite the skylark hating the idea of crowding.

"Hn, technological advanced herbivores that resort to dirty tricks. Different from average assassins"

The hitman nodded at the confirmation, he'd had suspicions about advanced technology, however it was good to have confirmation.

"Contact me if you find any clues"

The skylark nodded and disappeared from sight, the hitman then continued his scope of the area for clues.

'This isn't normal.... Usually there are at least some traces of the enemy's get away, yet there are none at all....'

The hitman suddenly perked up in surprise.

'The only traces are in the area where we were attacked.... Maybe they are actually close by but hidden?...'


"Oi baseball freak!"

Takeshi turned around and grinned when he spotted the silver haired bomber.

"Yo Gokudera!"

The bomber scowled darkly at the raven.

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