1: Observations

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(Tsuna and Ie are now 14)

An infant stood in front of the Sawada house, gazing at it with his onyx eyes, he was wearing a expensive black suit with a orange silk shirt underneath. Atop his head was a black fedora with an orange band wrapped around it, the fedora covered his spiky black hair, a yellow pacifier was hung around his neck.

The infant pulled out a few files from his suit and gazed at them.

Sawada Iyoshi (younger twin)
Age: 14
Flames: Sky
Occupation: vongolia decimo candidate
Notes: Very social and loved by everyone, his athletic skills are top notch, however his grades vary between C and B- but this can be easily overlooked by his involvement with sports.

There were a few other pages about Ieyoshi but the infant decided that they weren't worth noting, they were just flowery praises. He changed his attention towards the notes on the older twin, the one that seemed more interesting.

Sawada Tsunayoshi (older twin)
Age: 14
Flames: none known
Occupation: civilian
Notes: Socially inept, avoids people unless necessary, as a result people are creeped out by him and bully him, he usually keeps to himself and tends to disappear often. This isn't a concern because he eventually turns up later. His athletic ability is unknown because he flat out refuses to do anything athletic (though he once jumped over a park bench in order to escape a dog). His grades are just bordering above failing. It's recommended that he is told about his brother's situation to make training the candidate more efficient.

"Sawada Ieyoshi...... I can't wait to tutor you..."

The infant smirked as he tilted his fedora to shade his eyes.

'And I might as well see what's up with the older twin as well..."

The hitman looked at the rising sun to see that it was 5:30am, he placed a flyer into the mailbox and hid in a nearby tree to await the Twins' appearance.

He perked up when he saw one of the lights in the house turn on, it was too early for it to be Nana according to the daily schedules of the house's occupants that he had read.

A few minutes later a brunette exited from the house, he was a little on the short side, his features soft like that of a woman's, his honey eyes seemed to compliment this naturally. He noted that it was the older twin, Tsunayoshi.

'What's he doing up so early? Normal teen's tend to sleep in, his school starts around 8:20, he has a little less than three hours until his school starts'

The hitman wondered, only to almost jump when honey orbs were gazing fiercely in his direction. The hitman suppressed a shiver, the boy, no Tsunayoshi, he gave the hitman an odd feeling.

' Can he see me? No it's probably signs of his intuition, I'm pretty sure that I had made sure to hide properly..... Interesting.... If the twin that wasn't chosen has intuition this strong, I wonder how strong the chosen one's intuition is...."

The hitman snapped out of his own musings when he noticed that the brunette had disappeared.

'What the?! I only looked away for a second..... Sawada Tsunayoshi... It seems like the reports were right...'

The infant growled to himself, a little irked that the boy had gotten past him, the worlds greatest hitman. He shook his head and continued to wait outside.

At 7, the front door opened to reveal Tsunayoshi, causing the hitman to do a double take to make sure that he hadn't mistaken Ieyoshi as Tsunayoshi.

However his doubts were proven unnecessary when another brunette exited the house, this one had identical hair as the other, however his hair was a few shades darker and his eyes were a deep brown instead of honey.

'I didn't even notice him re-enter the house....."

The hitman realized, he began to wonder just what Sawada Tsunayoshi was.

"Dame-Tsuna move out of the way!"

Ie scowled as he shoved the lighter brunette into the doorframe, the older doing nothing to stop him, honey orbs just gazed at the younger. This just seemed to irk Ie even further so that he punched Tsuna in the gut before leaving ahead for school.

The hitman's gaze followed the younger twin with disgust as he tilted his fedora down. This however caused him to miss the sharp orange that sparked within honey orbs for a split second.

'It seems like the reports were a bit off on Ieyoshi... I've got to beat in the importance of family into the brat...."

The hitman sighed before turning his gaze back towards the older who seemed to have already recovered, the blank expression on his face didn't fool the hitman. He could tell that the boy was deep in thought, when most people would just think that he was spacing out.

'I've been here for less then 12 hours and things already seem interesting...'

The infant thought as he followed the two twins to school, he eventually lost Tsuna somehow, much to the hitman's distaste, only to have the honey eyes teen to somehow make it to class before either Ie or the hitman.

The hitman couldn't wait until the mother of the twins found his flyer and called him in to tutor the younger. At least then he could actually approach them and then learn more about them.

As school went by, the hitman noted how Ieyoshi's attitude did a one eighty when around anyone besides Tsuna, only when the two twins were alone together would the younger show how rude he was. He also observed that the other students kept on taunting the older, however Tsuna just responded with a bored look and walked by ignoring everyone. He even went so far as to sleep through all of his classes.

The hitman shook his head, it was no wonder that the older twin's grades were so low.

There was one other observation that the hitman made; even when called on by the teacher, the brunette wouldn't speak.

'Is there something wrong with his voice? Or does he really not care enough to speak?....'

Th hitman wondered.

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