47: Awakening in the forest

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The hitman just stayed in the clearing observing the sleeping brunette, trusting that the teen would be okay but at the same time not wanting to leave his side.

The sun had now long since fallen from the sky and the silver glow casted from the moon was somewhat soothing.

Onyx orbs blinked at how the boy seemed to almost glow in the moonlight due to his pale skin.

'Shamal better hurry in coming here..... Tsuna's sickness isn't getting any better.... But if multiple stabbing a couldn't kill him, wouldn't sickness be ineffective as well?....'

A sudden wave of sky harmony almost make the hitman recoil at it's intensity before he allowed himself to relax.


Reborn questioned softly, not knowing the teen's state of mind, thus he decided to be cautious.

A soft whine escaped from the brunette as orange orbs fluttered open, reborn was impressed at the tiny orange flame flickering upon his forehead; it was about the size of a coin.

'He subconsciously drew upon his dying will, though that still couldn't have saved him...'


The brunette winced at the crack in his voice as he slowly brought himself up so that he was sitting down against a tree. The hitman hopped onto his knee to take a look into the glowing orbs.

"Tsuna, how do you feel?"

'At least he's still speaking, from the way Nana had freaked out, I had figured that he'd have stopped speaking as a result'

Orange orbs narrowed slightly in thought as the brunette subconsciously rubbed his throat.

"I feel like death, I have no energy"

The teen replied softly, Reborn nodded in satisfaction.

"Do you remember what happened?"

The moment the hitman finished speaking, Tsuna flinched as his gaze nervously turned upwards towards the moon.

"Mmmm.... Yeah..... Ieyoshi-sama punished me...."

The hitman raised a brow at the new name.

'Ieyoshi-Sama? What happened to Ie-San?'

"So you call your idiotic brother Ieypshi-sama now?"

The hitman inquired, the brunette nodded silently.

"Yeah, he wanted me to call him that so I might as well...."

Tsuna breathed before looking down towards his blood coated hands.

"You're much more calm than someone who ahold be dead normally is, your mother was freaking out about you breaking"

'I was all worried for nothing.... Though I was mostly worried about how I was going to explain how he died to Iemitsu...'

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