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Written: January 11 2016
Edited: August 22 2019 (Fixing autocorrects)

October XX

"Congratulations Sawada-San, you've given birth to a healthy boy"

The doctor said as he handed a small bundle to Nana, said mother carefully took the bundle into her arms and smiled at the child softly.

"I think that I'm going to name you —yoshi"

Nana giggled as innocent eyes gazed up at her.

"I think that —yoshi is a wonderful name, it's a shame that your husband isn't here to see such a cute child"

The doctor commented lightly, Nana's brown eyes darkened for a slight second before a bright smile lit up her face.

"If he wants to know that we have a beautiful child then he can come for a visit"

The mother replied softly as she cradled her newborn child.


Two years later...

"Ah who are you?"

Nana asked softly as she crouched down to the height of a brown haired boy who looked to be about two years old. She had been passing the park on her way home with groceries.

"My name is —yoshi"

The boy replied softly, Nana smiled warmly

"Ah nice to meet you—yoshi"

Nana looked around the park and frowned when she saw no parent around.

"Where's your parents?"

A small pout crossed over the boy's face as he looked longingly into the distance.

"They died a long time ago"

The boy whispered, only to squeak in surprise as Nana placed her groceries down and capture him within a hug.

"Such a cute boy... Would you like to join my family?"

Nana asked, the boy's eyes lit up as he gave a hesitant nod.

"Then welcome to the family —yoshi! How old are you and when is your birthday?"

"I'm two and my birthday is October —"

A small giggle escaped from Nana's lips at the boy's response.

"Ah that's the same as my kid, you guys can be twins then! You look like each other and your birthdays are so similar!"

The boy's eyes narrowed in confusion before nodding once more.

"Okay...... Kaa-San...."

Nana squealed at the boy's cuteness.

"You're so cute —yoshi!"

3 years later (— yoshi and —yoshi are now 5

"Tsu-kun, Ie-kun! Come down! Papa has come home with a friend!"

Nana called from atop the stairs, the two five year olds then came running down the stairs, the one with brown eyes pushed the honey eyed one resulting in him falling.


The honey eyed one called in surprise as he tumbled down, Nana not having seen the push for she had looked back towards the living room let out a small smile.

"Dame-Tsuna is so clumsy!"

Ie laughed as he stepped over the fallen boy and hugged his mom, looking up at her innocently.

"Yep, but Tsu-kun is still adorable!"

Ie pouted and crossed his arms.

"I'm cuter than him!"

He called, both not noticing the orange glint in Tsuna's eyes as he got up and brushed himself off.

"Now now, come along you two, come and meet your papa and his friend"

Nana sighed happily as she took Ie's hand with her right hand and Tsuna's with her left and led the two boys towards the living room.

"Uwaaa my darling gave birth to two adorable twins!"

A blond with stubble called as he ran over and hugged Ie and Tsuna, almost suffocating the two.

Nana kept silent about the truth, for she loved them both the same and considered them both her children.

"Yep Tsu-Kun is the oldest, and Ie-kun is the youngest"

"Ah Nono..... These are my sons, Tsunayoshi and Ieyoshi!"

A old man wearing a tacky tourist flower patterned shirt and a sun hat smiled softly at the two brunettes.

Tsuna froze before running away to hide in his room.

"Tsu-kun is so shy....."

Nana laughed.

"Nono do you sense anything in Ieyoshi?"

The blond questioned once Nana had left to follow Tsuna. The old man nodded.

"Yes I feel traces of sky flames.... I should seal them...."

"And Tsunayoshi?"

Nono shook his head.

"I couldn't sense anything from him"

The blond deflated slightly before nodding.

"I see...."

So how was the prologue? The main story starts when they are teens~

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