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I am a Chef in the Modern Era by black07messenger
I am a Chef in the Modern Eraby black07messenger
WARNING: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR. FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY. SYPNOSIS: Lin ShuYi was sentenced to death by the traitorous Emperor for a treasonous...
  • cooking
  • romance
  • transmigration
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Living the Life |BNHA/MHA| by TrashForWebtoons
Living the Life |BNHA/MHA|by Shige-chan
'I guess that's what being reborn does to you, huh?' Meet Leah, a twenty years old young woman who had received the chance of her life. After dying due to her sickness...
  • presentmic
  • shigaraki
  • fanmade
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BEING 27 (KHR Fanfic) by -idxris
BEING 27 (KHR Fanfic)by ⁎°-aris.
Ever heard of 27? Y'know, that hacker, information dealer, handyman, assassin, whatever that has yet to be caught? The one that's killed person after person of each and...
  • tsuna
  • mafia
  • katekyo-hitman-reborn
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YOUNG MISS, PLEASE DON'T RUN - Preview Only by EngChinStories
Preview Only! This story has been removed for editing. It will be published for sale in a few months. Unedited chapters are still available on my Patreon page for my pat...
  • empress
  • prince
  • transmigration
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A sky within the night -KHR by BerryBerryBlitz
A sky within the night -KHRby BerryBerryBlitz
When Reborn, the world's greatest hitman, came all the way to Namimori from Italy, he was expecting a model student with a silent older twin... Unfortunately, that isn't...
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • dark
  • all27
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Reborn as a Sea Spirit by butterfly_effect
Reborn as a Sea Spiritby Kathy
Sassy university student turned Sea Spirit × Saintly Mysterious Royal Sorcerer I am a normal university student. When I opened my eyes from my nap, I became a side cha...
  • ocean
  • kingdom
  • talesofthedeep
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Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man by EunhaZou
Every Vicious Woman Needs A Byunchie
READ THE REST OF THE CHAPTERS AT novelupdates Lou Yao Yao wasted her life fighting over a man, only to find out he wasn't worth it in the end. Because of this man, she a...
  • beautifulfemalelead
  • devotedloveinterests
  • secondchance
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De Novo [BL] by NineSams
De Novo [BL]by Midoriya Izuku
WARNING: VERY VERY IMMATURE WORK!!! People said that there is always a reason behind why people are born. A purpose humans must fulfill. Ivan, a very unlucky human, died...
  • alpha
  • reborn
  • boyxman
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Rebirth And Will Love You by ZanaSeiyuu
Rebirth And Will Love Youby Zana Seiyuu
Everyone deserve a second chance. But Xie Li Na certainly know that she doesn't deserve it. All those mistakes she committed earned a good punishment. And she had rece...
  • truelove
  • femaleprotagonist
  • secondchance
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Why The Fuck Am I In The Naruto World!?  by Yang_2018
Why The Fuck Am I In The Naruto Elizabeth Kingsman
Yang, a girl with no surname, no family and a mysterious past. Although she's had it rough, she always seems to smile the next day, completely forgetting about it. She'...
  • uchiha
  • academy
  • anime
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Reincarnation in Black Clover ( Rewritten) by TwilightSilver
Reincarnation in Black Clover ( SilverStar ( S.S )
Truck-san strikes again and a poor otaku girl who was just passing by fell victim to it. She was then given a chance to be reborn into another world. God gave her a gift...
  • magic
  • magicknights
  • yuno
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[HCGBK] Hate life, Change it, Go back Kaylee!  by Lyricie_12
[HCGBK] Hate life, Change it, Go Sweet Unnie
She was a simple princess, until her sister ruined her reputation and her lover cheated behind her back. Everything was suspicious but she didn't mind and thought that i...
  • kaylee
  • king
  • prince
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Diary of a Reborn Queen by butterfly_effect
Diary of a Reborn Queenby Kathy
At twenty, I died as I watched my country burned to ashes. When I opened my eyes, I am sixteen again. The first thing I plan to do is breaking off my engagement with Pr...
  • lovehate
  • reborn
  • lady
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Dead Son of Primo? by TokiLoki-Chan
Dead Son of Primo?by TokiLoki-Chan
After becoming Vongola Decimo, Tsuna thought live couldn't get more crazier when Byakuran suddenly crashed his into Tsuna's office and screamed. "Tsu-Chan! I'm se...
  • reborn
  • parallelworld
  • firstgeneration
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My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A Gangster by B1ackDiA
My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A DiA
Synopsis: Xu Ming knew that he should be dead but he suddenly found himself in a woman's body once he woke up. On top of that, it was a married woman. Fortunately for hi...
  • cutecouple
  • gangleader
  • action
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The Mundane Task Of Staying Alive by Tone_Deaf
The Mundane Task Of Staying Aliveby ☕
After dying a confusing death, waking up as a minor villain was simply the icing to Vale's shitty cake. 'Rift in Our Reality' is the ultimate fantasy tale of a protagon...
  • gay
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Ironically reborn by QuixoteP
Ironically rebornby Kyuu Pharaoh
Tsuna was reborn in to parallel universe where he had a older brother that 'bullies him', and where Nan and Iemitsu forget about him. he has only a few plans: * Not be a...
  • hibari
  • khr
  • timetravel
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The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/Reborn) by Anvelite
The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/ Anvelite
She replaced Sasuke and she didn't feel the slightest bit bad. He wasn't that great anyway. Now she has her own family to look after. All she wanted was to stop the...
  • reborn
  • academy
  • ninja
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CLOUDY (KHRXAC) by Sloth02
CLOUDY (KHRXAC)by 1,2,3...
Koro died, killed by his students. A satisfying death. Then why did he wake up in a back alley in Sicily the next moment? "Don't you think it sounds interesting, o...
  • millefiore
  • weeklyupdate
  • varia
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Reincarnated as a killing machine, again. by SterellaDon
Reincarnated as a killing Sterella
She was just a killing machine, ordered to kill whoever by her former father, the greatest duke and the most powerful figure in the kingdom. Not treated kindly ever sin...
  • reborn
  • overpowered
  • reincarnation
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