39: Unfair Nezu

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Steel grey orbs narrowed as they gazed into honey orbs. The demonic perfect was standing in front of the school in an attack position.

"Those who are late shall be bitten to death"

The skylark stated, honey orbs flashed orange for a few moments at the other's words. Tsuna opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by the bomber.

"Tsuna-Sama is better than you do it's okay if he's late!"

The silver haired teen growled as he pulled out some sticks of dynamite.

"Now now Hayato-chan, don't be rude!"

Takeshi laughed, the bomber's eye twitched in annoyance as he turned around to face the baseball fan.

"You don't have permission to call me by that baseball freak!"


The brunette let out a soft sigh as he glanced apologetically towards the skylark before slipping into the school.

The teen didn't even pause when the screams of his friends echoed throughout the school.


"You're a harsh boss"

Reborn stated as he suddenly popped out of a potted plant, the teen just shrugged in reply.

'He didn't even freeze when he heard the screams... Both a good and a bad trait...'

With that the hitman hid once more before his proper student entered his classroom.

"Dame-Tsuna you're late!"

Nezu sensei called in disgust, the brunette shrugged and made his way towards his seat, however not before tripping over someone's extended foot.

'His classmates treat Tsuna too poorly.... He's going to surprise them though with his newly learned math'

"Hey respond you no good student! We know that you can still talk due to your little stunt on the roof!"

Honey orbs narrowed slightly, the difference was only visible to the hitman's trained eyes.

The brunette silently sighed before laying his head on the desk. Just then a beat up Takeshi and Hayato entered the class.

"You're late!"

Nezu called as the two bitten teams headed to their respective desks.

Reborn frowned at the visible discrimination against the brunette.

'He only picked on Tsuna despite Gokudera and Yamamoto both being more late than him.... I wonder how the hell that guy actually became a teacher....'

"Okay everyone, today there's a test!"

Nezu called as he handed out tat papers to everyone on the class, visibly making sure that Tsuna got his paper last.

As soon as the brunette got his paper he began to swiftly scribble down the right answers. Ten minutes after the test was handed out, Tsuna cautiously walked up towards the front and handed his test in.

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