19: Gears are turning

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Whoa.... Over 10k views and I'm not even close to finishing...I've barely even started so this is going to be a long fanfic~ yay


"Even so Reborn, I won't get my hopes up...."

The honey eyed brunette sighed, the hitman tipped his fedora to shade his eyes at the brunette's words.

'He's used to being let down... A good trait because being too optimistic isn't good but... He should at least hope a little...'

"Don't worry lazy-Tsuna, you'll be healthy before you know it"

The hitman stated smugly as he hopped onto the brunette's shoulder to tug on his ear.

"Mmmmm anyway, thanks for distracting me, it really helped me calm down"

The hitman nodded as he realized that the brunette was no longer shaking.

"Of course I'm the world's greatest hitman, I can't have my proper student looking weak"

'Even though I wasn't aiming to distract him, well it's fine anyways'

Leon flicked the brunette's ear with his tongue, bringing out a soft giggle from the teen.

"The world's coolest chameleon partnered with the world's self elected greatest hitman–ow!"

Tsuna pouted as he rubbed his cheek, the hitman landed in the ground from kicking the teen in the face.

"Lazy-Tsuna, I am not self elected, I AM the world's greatest hitman"

Tsuna nodded and flickered his gaze towards the window.

"Reborn can I disappear for a little bit?"

The hitman raised s brow at the odd question.

"You're actually asking?"

The brunette nervously but his lip as he nodded silently as his honey gaze once again flickered over towards the window.

Reborn noticed how the teen seemed to be really eager to leave and let out a sigh.

"Only if I come along"

Honey orbs widened in shock before the teen lowered his gaze and shook his head.

'Why did he suddenly revert back to not speaking?'

"Lazy-Tsuna, speak"

The honey eyed brunette stayed silent as his full attention was snagged by his bedroom window.

'It must be an habit for him to leave randomly or something.... I don't know if I'll get answers from Tsuna with the way he is...'

Reborn let out a soft sigh, noting how troublesome his real student was, except in a whole different way than his idiotic student.

"Fine you may leave, but be back by dinner"

A few seconds after the words left the hitman's mouth the teen seemed to disappear out the window without a trace.


'His stealth is even better than mine.... Just who is Sawada Tsunayoshi exactly?...'


Ie growled inwardly as he sat in his desk, on the outside he appeared to be happily and diligently listening to the teacher's lesson.

However on the inside his fame was lashing out in anger at the thought that he had failed to eliminate his brother.

He clenched his fists around his pencil and he heard a faint crack.

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