29: Search plan

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'What the?... Where did he go?....'

The infant felt unease trickle into him as he scoped around the area and found no trace of the brunette.

'I doubt that Tsuna would play such a sick prank in this type of situation....'

The hitman felt sick as he remembered the pained scream that had come from the brunette before he had disappeared. That kind of scream did not seem to be normal for the mysterious teen. He heard footsteps and quickly ducked into the shadows only to quickly reveal himself when it turned out to be Gokudera instead of the enemy.

'He arrived sooner than expected....'

"Where's Tsuna-sama?!" The bomber called in concern when he saw all of the wreckage and the hitman but no Tsuna.

The hitman lowered his fedora to hide his unhappy frown. "Tsuna's location is currently unknown, but I suspect that he had been captured by the enemy..."

'Right in front of me yet I didn't see or could do anything to help....'

The hitman stated, his voice void of any emotion despite the anger and concern that was bubbling inside of him.

Emerald orbs widened in shock as the bomber gaped at the hitman. "I-impossible.... Tsuna-Sama is amazing! And you were there too! There's no way that people could nab him!" The bomber replied in shock, the hitman would have normally felt smug at the indirect praise but at the moment he didn't feel any.

"The enemy used weapons that I've never seen before.... Wires that I couldn't break, he got tangled up by a lot of them.... I only got free because he tossed me a certain knife that cut the strings with ease however...... He had already been missing by the time that I was free...." The hitman explained, wanting to give the future storm some experience in receiving a battle summary.


'An enemy that even Reborn couldn't stop......'

Hayato felt uneasy at the thought of what could be happening to his sky, he had heard stories about what happened to people who got captured and he felt sick at the thought of such things happening to the one he had come to respect. "Are you going to notify Vongola?" The silver haired teen questioned, his voice weak from unease, the hitman shook his head.

"Tsuna isn't helpless.... I'd give him a day before I report. Plus I'd rather not have others find out that Tsuna got involved with the mafia" The hitman stated with a dark look, the bomber froze in shock at the hitman's words.

'What does he mean that Tsuna-sans isn't supposed to be involved with the mafia?'

The hitman smirked at the bomber's silence. "I lied when I said that Tsuna was a candidate for Vongola Decimo"


The silver haired teen was silent for a few moments before determination flailed within his emerald orbs. "Tsuna-Sama is even more for to become Decimo then! I will do my best to get him acknowledged!"

'It doesn't matter if he's official! Tsuna-sama has the potential to be a magnificent leader!'


The hitman grinned inwardly at the bomber's loyalty, proud in how Tsuna had unintentionally snared the loyalty of the normally hot headed bomber.

'It seems that revealing the truth was the right thing to do, it was very effective in learning that his true loyalties were just as I expected'

"Good, because my plans are to train Tsuna into the perfect Decimo regardless of orders" The hitman replied as he looked down at the knife that Tsuna had thrown to him previously. It was odd, the handle was a dusty charcoal colour and shaped into a faint curve for better grip. The thickest part of the silvery blade was paper thin and seemed to gradually thin out. The hitman could tell that the knife was well cared for and used quite frequently due to the way the handle was slightly faded yet the blade still gleamed with life.

'This knife seems simple, however I think that there may be more to it than it seems, after all, it cut through those cords with ease. Almost as if it was meant for that'

The bomber stayed silent as the hitman closed his eyes and pulsed a small fragment of his flame into the blade. He was careful not to damage the blade because from how the blade looked, he guessed that the brunette liked it quite a bit.

He jerked slightly in surprise when the blade pulsed a warm sensation into him, relaxing his nerves and tension. It reminded him of rain flames however the sensation was closer to harmony, he could tell that the brunette really cared about the blade and felt somewhat happy that the teen had trusted him with it.

'Faint traces of sky flame are etched into it's being, probably from Tsuna using this knife so often. It most likely gathered up wisps of his flame as he fought assassins. Hmm I wonder if Tsuna knows about his flames..... I'll ask him some time...'

The hitman pocketed the knee carefully and turned towards the bomber. "We will split up and search for Tsuna"

The bomber's eyes lit up as the teen nodded. "I understand, you trust Tsuna-sama to stay alive until we find him" The bomber replied, the hitman nodded silently.

"Yeah, if you do see the enemy, contact me, do not attack without me" The bomber opened his mouth to protest but Reborn pointed a Leon gun at him. "You can not handle them by yourself, and I will not risk the enemy moving Tsuna somewhere further if you find them and blow your cover!" The hitman growled in warning, he did not want to take chances. "Oh and if you see Hibari, tell him that Tsuna was taken" Reborn smirked at the incredulous look that he received. "The demonic perfect cares about Tsuna, another set of eyes will be useful"

'I can't look everywhere properly at the same time, might as well get more eyes searching'

Me: hehe reborn trusts Tsuna's skills~~ but are they enough? Hmm who knows? I prefer to be ambiguous~ it's more fun hehe~ anyway hope ya enjoyed le chappy~~

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