54: Tuna and Skylark

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The hitman raised a brow at the brunette when he heard the teen's stomach growl.

'It seems as if he should have eaten more at lunch'

"Still hungry?"

Reborn questioned, honey orbs glanced away.

"I'll be fine"

The brunette replied softly with a faint blush dusting his cheeks.

"Maybe you should pack an extra big lunch tomorrow to share with your guardians"

'That way he has no choice but to eat'

The brunette tilted his head slightly as he pondered the hitman's proposition, eventually he nodded.

"If I have time..."

The honey eyed teen muttered before closing the book and standing up, he picked up Reborn so that the hitman was being held to his chest like a teddy bear.

'I don't appreciate being carried like this, however since he's doesn't seem to be trying to mock me, I'll let it slide...'

The hitman was silent as the brunette walked towards the window, the teen seemed to have noticed that something was amiss.


Reborn prompted the moment he was set down on the window sill. Slightly startled honey orbs jolted in his direction, causing the infant to frown.

'It's as if he had forgotten me within the few seconds that he had put me down...'

"Uh.... I've got to go deal with a few intruders...."

Tsuna explained as he climbed into the window, Reborn's inner flame jolted in worry at the other's words when he remembered how the teen had been taken last time.

'What if he gets taken again, but this time he doesn't return....'

"I'm coming"

The teen shook his head as he smiled softly towards the hitman.

"No, can you please guard the house? I'll be fine, but Ieyoshi-sama hasn't returned yet and I don't want to leave her all alone..."

'What help would that idiot be anyways?....'

Onyx orbs narrowed at the mention of Ie, however he still found himself nodding in compliance to the teen's words.

"Fine, but you better return, I'd probably kill Baka-Ie for annoying me if you don't return"

'I wouldn't be able to put up with him if Tsuna wasn't around to make things interesting....'

The hitman replied, lowering his fedora to hide his smirk when he noticed how honey orbs narrowed slightly.

"I guess that I've better return swiftly then"

'Protecting his brother from me should be a good enough incentive for him to return'

The brunette replied before disappearing into the night, Reborn stood upon the window sill and gazed out it, slightly annoyed that he for some reason followed the teen's wishes when they were not beneficial.

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