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Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ] by KochoYuna27
Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ]by ✿ ▸𝒴𝓊𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒶◂ ✿
Died and reborned into a new world. To the world full of Heroes and Villains. Can Tsuna survive on the world where he was sent to,while having struggles for being back...
Wizard among Mafia  by YaoiYurishipper
Wizard among Mafia by Yaoilover1827
What if Harry feels out of place after the war? What if he gets a visit from Death and Death takes him away from the wizarding world. Because by all means Harry should b...
Twin Reflections by 21penmanships
Twin Reflectionsby 21penmanships
(short humor story) Who knew Dame-Tsuna has a twin ? Wha-- wait... There are two Tsuna's ?! Oh shit! They're both pranksters! How would everyone handle this ? Who is wh...
The right to the throne by MalditadiAsh
The right to the throneby Revengjia Zxyccaria Aquarzaria
Sawada Nana reported to her beloved wife that she only have one child. But the truth is she had two child, she don't like her youngest son because it did something wrong...
A Class Trip To Itay!! by shrutimishra500
A Class Trip To Itay!!by shrutimishra500
When tsuna started getting bullied and after the breakdown in front of reborn. Reborn had decided to teach tsuna class of harming tsuna. The guardians, Simon, millifiore...
New Friend (KHR x Gakuen babysitter) by ariasawada
New Friend (KHR x Gakuen babysitte...by ariasawada
A new transfer student with six little brother and one little sister.
Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic] by KuroiOozora
Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]by KuroiOozora
A Sky hidden in the dark Hoping to be found Hoping to be accepted Hoping to be acknowledged by many Despite his attitude towards them He had no choice but to But when he...
KHR: Into Another Dimension by Yasune_Hideaki008
KHR: Into Another Dimensionby Alexis
Having his world destroyed. Tsuna is sent by the dying Byakuran into another dimension. [[ON HOLD]]
A Reborn Sky by thelegitlazycow
A Reborn Skyby thelegitlazycow
Sawada Tsunayoshi 24 years old died by the hand of the Bertesca, he woke up with his seal weakening. He goes through the journey again with more knowledge and strength...
-KHR-Class Trip to Italy (revenge plan heheheh....) by OTAKUFANTASIES
-KHR-Class Trip to Italy (revenge...by akira-kori
I think the tittle said it all...now! onward into the chapter, hope you enjoy~ i've been seeing people doing a class trip to Italy for our dear Decimo's class so i thoug...
Lemitsu gone for 8 years along with his older son,Sawada Leyasu or Giotto for his beloved work.He left his wife and younger son without any money or anything.Leave them...
Reincarnated and Transferred by Kurokoki
Reincarnated and Transferredby Plotting•Vixen
Reese, a 16-year old brunette female teen and a die-hard Hitman Reborn! Fan, is met with an untimely end. But being shot, and supposedly 'Transferred' to her favourite a...
Forgive but Never Forget by xxYukii
Forgive but Never Forgetby xxYukii
At the age of sixteen, the candidate for Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, was thrown into Vendicare prison on the accusation of assassinating the young Lion of the Von...
Family I Never Had  ==KHR Fanfic== by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
Family I Never Had ==KHR Fanfic==by Royal-Chan
He has no one. He was not a believer. He never knew the answer to the single question of "What is love?" And... He never had a true family... He always knew th...
💞Love between us🔥 by VongolaCielo27
💞Love between us🔥by VongolaCielo27
Khr don't belong's to me..... hope you enjoy the story. Giotto x tsuna Cozart x Emma Dino x Antonio In this story Tsunayoshi's real name is Tsunayoshi di Vongola because...
The Bunny that Captured all Predators (KHR fanfic) by mega_rabbit
The Bunny that Captured all Predat...by mega_rabbit
my first Khr fanfic!! hope u like it!! disclaimer: I don't own any thing from Khr, but the idea of this story Set in AU, in this world, people are mixed, meaning they ar...
The mysterious sky (khr fanfic) (currently being edited) by Animelover112523
The mysterious sky (khr fanfic) (c...by Anime and BTS lover
Tsunayoshi otherwise known as dame-tsuna by his class and tsuna by his friends is just an ordinary boy in namimori middle. He has a older brother named Giotto (who doesn...
Babysitter!-KHR by norasaki029
Babysitter!-KHRby Akira007
Reborn is a married man and have a son name akira and a wife name bianchi. They all have a happy life but then it suddenly change when some misunderstanding happen betwe...
Tsuna Dragneel by AnimezTime
Tsuna Dragneelby Cielo
Tsuna and his guardians along with other acquainted Famiglia broke down in a war with a traitor. They all died. But Tsuna was so caught up that he didn't realize his rin...
Arcobaleno in Japan by fallenangel176
Arcobaleno in Japanby fallenangel176
tsumayoshi "Tsuna" is being raised by the Arcobaleno since he was young since his father and grandfather work for the mafia. when then the Arcobaleno come to...