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305 Days In The KHR World (A Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic) by Awesome_Day_Dreamer
305 Days In The KHR World (A Katek...by Escapist
Jewel is the main character in the story. She loves anime and manga. She doesn't get bullied by being an Otaku. One day she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. ...
Wizard among Mafia√ by YaoiYurishipper
Wizard among Mafia√by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Harry feels out of place after the war? What if he gets a visit from Death and Death takes him away from the wizarding world. Because by all means Harry should b...
A Shinobi's Another Life by UltraOtaku
A Shinobi's Another Lifeby Maimi-chan
Naruto X KHR Fanfiction Ughhh. My head hurts. So this is the world Kurama is talking about, huh? Wait a minute! I'm currently a child?! Fem!Naruto
KHR: The Sky's Mystery by Blaze_girl
KHR: The Sky's Mysteryby (Blaze_Writer)
"To think that all the mysteries bottled up in me would hurt you so much...I'm sorry." Twins. Sawada Hiroshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi are twins. They are the comp...
Student Assassin by Kingrii07
Student Assassinby Kingrii07
Right after the moon incident: Tsuna was transferred to Kunugigaoka with the help of his father and Reborn, his brother's (Giotto) tutor because they want him to get bet...
Mujitsu No Sora [ KHR Fanfiction ] by AizawaMio
Mujitsu No Sora [ KHR Fanfiction ]by Aizawa Mio
Tsuna wanted to make a surprise for his friends, but yet it all became a tragedy. They keep accusing him; no one believes in him with the single exception of his mother...
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x Katekyo Hitman Reborn)  by Zero-1307
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x...by Zero-1307
After Ulquiorra died in his fight against Ichigo at that moment he wanted to understand what a heart is and experience emotions Well fate has brought him back to life a...
The sky KHR by MalditadiAsh
The sky KHRby Maldita Di Ash
When the twins sawada Ieyoshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi was born to the world Nana and Iemitsu was happy. But why is it when Reborn came for tutoring the older twin was mis...
KHR. Vongola Primo and Decimo by MalditadiAsh
KHR. Vongola Primo and Decimoby Maldita Di Ash
Tsuna was train by reborn or should I say force by reborn to be the next Vongola Famiglia at the age of 10. So Tsuna became the official Decimo when he turn 13 because h...
Delinquent ? by Woezy1410
Delinquent ?by Elric Claire
The Tsuna we all know is a shy, clumsy but kind-hearted boy. But what about the opposite ? Let find out!! Disclaimer: i don't own Khr Cover picture is not mine
Let's see how protective can Tsuna family get? cover photo don't belong to me...i only own the plot
Forgotten Truth (KHR Tsuna fanfic) by Tetsuya_Kimura
Forgotten Truth (KHR Tsuna fanfic)by Aphra O.
*SEQUEL TO MASKED TRUTH On a fateful day Tsuna had met an unconscious boy who looked exactly like him. It was found out that this boy was Sawada Tsunayoshi's parallel se...
Vongola's Phantomhive by Luna_Uchiha1
Vongola's Phantomhiveby Luna Uchiha
What if Vincent Phantomhive was reborn as Tsunayoshi Sawada? Read and find out!
Fragile || Katekyo Hitman Reborn by hinari2_
Fragile || Katekyo Hitman Rebornby Aisha | on hiatus
𝕱𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖑𝖊 || Katekyo Hitman Reborn "I'm not weak as you think, so shut up you potato head" "Don't worry, i will guide you" "Really?" ...
babysit the vongola decimo by reborntsunaR27
babysit the vongola decimoby rebornxtsuna_r27
tsuna turned into a BABY!!??
The Bullet of 400 Years (KHR Fanfic) by -idxris
The Bullet of 400 Years (KHR Fanfi...by - aris. ♡♡
Being shot by a mysterious bullet sends Tsuna 400 years into the past, and here isn't as kind as his time. Will he make it back without having the Primo Generation find...
i want to sleep!!! (khr) by KouMamoru
i want to sleep!!! (khr)by Kou_M
sleep-deprived Tsuna sure is scary
I'VE BEEN REBORNED!? (KHR x The Royal Tutor crossover) by Zero-1307
I'VE BEEN REBORNED!? (KHR x The Ro...by Zero-1307
Tsunayoshi the Vangola Decimo has passed away due to old age and was left to peace leaving the Vangola to his children and being a great man. Or so he thought but appar...
Dead Son of Primo? by TokiLoki-Chan
Dead Son of Primo?by TokiLoki-Chan
After becoming Vongola Decimo, Tsuna thought live couldn't get more crazier when Byakuran suddenly crashed his into Tsuna's office and screamed. "Tsu-Chan! I'm se...
Joker [[Rewritten]] by GamerOtakuSama
Joker [[Rewritten]]by GamerOtakuSama
Joker. A new assassin that suddenly appeared 10 years ago. Along with Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade, is part of the second most feared mafia group. First being Vongola...