35: Tsuna learns math

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"Don't feel bad Reborn, I threw up as soon as I tried Tsu-Kun's specially made fried steak"

Nana soothed, worried that Reborn would be disappointed in himself.

The hitman lowered his fedora to shade his eyes as he resumed eating his salad to cleanse his mouth of the awful taste.

'Such a strange family.....'

Tsuna finished off his meal and began to prepare the hitman a espresso, the hitman accepted the offering gratefully as he watched the brunette hand Nana some tea and strawberry juice to himself and Ie.

'Lazy-Tsuna makes the best espresso...'

"I'm sorry that I didn't warn you about the texture..."

The hitman shrugged and accepted the brunette's apology, knowing that he still would have tried even if he had been warned.

"Oi dame-Tsuna, don't communicate with people!"

Ie yelled, the brunette grimaced and put away the pen and paper, Reborn couldn't help but frown at this.

"Baka-Ie, don't ridicule your brother right after he cooked us supper!"

The tiny hitman scolded as he kicked the teen in the head.

The brown eyed teen cried out as he flew back, Tsuna had to hold in a sympathetic wince at how his brother seemed to crumple to the ground after hitting the wall.

"Tch whatever! It's not like a tiny baby could comprehend my complex thought process!"

Ie called as soon as he sat up before retreating from the kitchen and heading towards his room.

'I'm surprised that Baka-Ie used such big words'

The hitman glanced over towards the honey eyed brunette and smirked.

"Neh Tsuna, why don't we work on your schoolwork?"

The tiny hitman lowered his fedora to hide his excitement as he saw the brunette grimace with dread.

'At least he knows his place, unlike his moronic twin, it's a miracle as to how those two could possibly be twins besides their looks'


When both student and tutor completely finished their meals they both headed up towards the brunette's bedroom.

"So I know that you're not an idiot, so explain your math grades"

The hitman stated as he pulled out multiple tests from the brunette's drawer beside his bed.

'His intelligence is quite high, and he's lazy to boot, however I can't see Tsuna being the type to attract negative attention when he prefers to be left alone'

The brunette rubbed his own throat for a few moments to soothe it before replying.

"I never learned the basics back when I actually did try asking for help, the teachers didn't care, so I just gave up, it wasn't worth pleasuring people who didn't care"

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