6: challenge accepted

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Reborn rushed after the flaming teen, however when the teen turned into an ally, there was a huge crash.

Reborn turned into the ally to see Ie laying on a pile of trash, the pale orange flame on his forehead flickering out.

Onyx eyes looked over to see Tsuna crouched down on top of a overhang, honey orbs glaring with distaste at the brat. He was covered in blood, it was splattered all over his shirt and a few trail of blood were dropping from his mouth.


Reborn called in slightly worried tone, honey orbs turned towards the hitman and all the negotiate emotions that were in them slowly dissipated.

'He's covered in blood, just how did Baka-Ie harm him so quickly?....'

The hitman hopped up onto the overhang to join the teen, using the brat's body as a boost.


Tsuna trailed off as honey orbs flickered towards his younger twin.

"I'll heal you so you won't have to worry"

The hitman stated as his yellow pacifier began to glow a bright yellow while flames covered his hands.

Tsuna shook his head and smiled gratefully, scooting a little away from the hitman in the process.

"I'll be fine...."

The hitman lowered his fedora at the teen's response.

"Tsuna you're covered in blood there it no way that you'll be fine"

Reborn replied, Tsuna muttered something inaudible under his breath before shaking his head.

"I've got to get ready for school now, take care of Ie-San"

The honey eyed teen replied as he got up from his crouching position before jumping down from the overhang and walking away. Reborn let out a tired sigh as his gaze flittered towards the unconscious form of his student.

'Baka-Ie has got some explaining to do,....'

The hitman then jumped down from the overhang and grabbed the teen by the foot and began to drag him towards the school, despite the fact that the teen was still in only his pink kitten clad boxers. He dropped him off in front of the school gates.

For some reason, the hitman wasn't surprised to see Tsuna sitting in his seat, all clean of any traces of blood, he looked less pale than he had when he had woken up.

"Sawada you're late!"

The teacher called as a blushing and bruised Ie walked into the classroom.

"I'm sorry Nezu! My mom needed help with some cleaning and I fell while saving a kitten from a tree!"

'What a pathetic lie....... Any mafioso would be able to see through it within an instant....'

Ie replied softly with an almost genuine guilty look, Nezu shook his head and sighed.

"I guess kitten heroes can have some slack, you're not usually late"

The teacher replied, Ie nodded gratefully before taking a seat in his desk. Inwardly grinning as he listened to his classmates gossip about how amazing he was to risk his health for a kitten.

The class carried on until Nezu sharpened a pencil and threw it at Tsuna, the teen blinked awake and lifted his head from the desk.

"Dame-Tsuna, answer the question on the board"

Nezu called as he pointed towards a BEDMAS question, the honey eyed teen blinked at the teacher before returning his head back to it's previous position on the desk.

"Dame-Tsuna is so stupid! Not even knowing the answer to such an easy question"

"What do you expect? It's dame-Tsuna!"

"I wonder why he even shows up for class"

"Maybe his mom hates him and forces him to come even though he's completely useless at everything!"

The hitman inwardly scowled at the class' degrading of Tsuna, for some unknown reason the hitman felt as if he needed to protect the teen.

'I haven't felt anything like this since Luce, maybe I'm just curious about his secrets...'

"Now now, I'm sure Tsuna is just tired!"

The school's male idol stated with a grin, he was tall with short spiky black hair and brown eyes.

'Yamamoto Takeshi, natural born hitman, perfect candidate for Baka-Ie's rain guardian'

Reborn mentally noted a way to get the male idol to follow his bratty student.

The class went silent at the male idol's words and went back to working on math, honey orbs flickered towards the idol curiously before narrowing somewhat. This was unseen by everyone except for a certain hitman.

Math eventually ended and gym class came up next, they were playing soccer.

Much to Reborn's pleasure Ie did seemingly well, he was thankful that at least the teen had at least one good thing going for him.

Tsuna on the other hand just stood still in the middle of the field, not bothering to dodge or even hit any ball that came near him, instead he let it hit him.

Tsuna's team lost easily and the honey eyed boy was forced to clean the gym alone.

"That was pathetic Tsuna"

The hitman stated as he appeared in front of the teen once everyone else had left.

"How can I be pathetic if I didn't even do anything?"

Tsuna questioned as he half heartedly began to sweep the field.

"Your motivation sucks"

Tsuna nodded in response, Reborn lowered his fedora to hide a smirk.

'At least the lazy teen admits his faults, unlike his brat of a brother'

"Lazy-Tsuna, you've got to get better, I can't have you dragging down Baka-Ie when he becomes a mafia boss"

Tsuna tilted his head at his new nickname.

"Calling you dame doesn't seem to fit... Lazy seems to fit you though"

The hitman explained, Tsuna's lips quirked upwards slightly.

"Don't worry, I won't drag Vongolia down, my brother is more likely to do that once everything is found out..."

Reborn didn't bother to point a Leon gun at the boy, for he had already learned that his green companion had somewhat of a soft spot for the teen.

"Would you mind telling me what?"

Tsuna shook his head.

"Nope, it's more fun this way. I'm not going to go through a tedious amount of effort to prevent you from learning anything. You'll just have to find out for yourself"

Reborn lowered his fedora and smirked.

"Challenge accepted lazy-Tsuna"

Me: hehe~ Tsuna is lazy~ so lazy that he doesn't care about hiding secrets~ wonder how this will turn out~ and no this story isn't already pre-written... I'm just going with the flow! Anyway hope you enjoyed~

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