69. Mukuro's investigations

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Written August 20 2019

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'.... I've come across some bits of interesting information... I wonder if I should give it to Tsu-Chan just yet?'

The illusionist frowned as he read through the papers. He'd broken into another underground mafia based medical facility due to the presence of unknown flames. They weren't exactly strong enough to have been the one who had cursed his little sky, but the flames had drawn him in none the less.

The information on the paper was both slightly distressing and somewhat enlightening. Mukuro narrowed his gaze at it for a few more minutes before burning the sheet, he wouldn't tell his little sky just yet, it wasn't as if they could even act on the information. He'd tell Tsuna when it would cause the least harm to the fluffy teen.

'I'd rather not get his hopes up too soon, only to have them brutally crushed. My silly sky already has too much of them in that specific topic'

Heterochromatic eyes stated uncaringly at the carnage surrounding him, he didn't really care much for the lives of these filthy humans. Scientists who worked on unwilling humans, especially children were the scum of the earth. He shook his head to clear away unwanted memories, silently wishing that he'd arrived at this specific outpost sooner. Maybe then he could have saved the children, as it was, there was nothing but little corpses in the holding cells he'd passed. The tiny frames had looked severely emaciated with the way their seemingly paper thin skin had struggled to stretch over their skeletal structures. A little blond haired boy and dark haired boy had brought up some unpleasant memories.

'Chikusa, Ken...'

No, those friends were gone, he hardened his gaze as his fingers tightened around his trident. He couldn't be thinking about the past when his current living friends weren't doing so well. He had to move on to the next facility, hopefully that one had at least some survivors.

Suddenly the atmosphere darkened, a heavy aura saturating the surroundings. A small smirk played on the teen's lips as he gazed at the aura's focal point. "Why has the Vindice decided to grace me with their almighty presence?" He inquired, cockily leaning against his trident.

A bandage wrapped figure clothed in a dark cloak and chains manifested at the focal point. "You have been causing a huge ruckus Rokudo Mukuro" The bandaged figure stated, Mukuro's smirk darkened.

'It's been a while since I've seen one of the Vindice'

"Yes, it's been quite the hassle doing your job in keeping the peace in the mafia" Mukuro taunted, knowing that despite the other's immense strength advantage, the man couldn't do anything to him. At least not at that moment.

"It would be advisable for you to do so more discretely besides just hiding your appearance" The Vindice replies darkly, his voice scratchy.

Heterochromatic eyes narrowed "No, I'll leave a trail of carnage" A dark glint glimmered within his gaze "I want those filth to fear the consequences of child experimentation" Mukuro's voice was a near growl "Fear is an excellent teacher"

'Most humans are selfish and would rather run away to protect themselves than face potential slaughter'

The Vindice was silent for a few moments before replying "Very well... If it weren't for your connections..." The silent threat was palpable within the air.

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