66. Slathering Saliva, Skylark's Worry

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"Tsuna... What are you doing?" Honey eyes looked down sheepishly at the hitman. The teen was holding an mostly empty plain squeezing tube, the kind often used for hand creams. A small trail of spit was hanging from Tsuna's mouth. Slathering saliva

'Being caught drooling is not acceptable for a mafia boss, especially when wide awake'

"Remember when I told you my saliva has healing properties?" Onyx eyes narrowed and a smirk played on Reborn's lips as he nodded. That was a weird day. "Well there's no way Ieyoshi-Sama would knowingly spread my spit all over himself, so..." A small blush tinted Tsuna's cheeks. "I disguise it as a salve and give it to him" The brunette finished.

"So that explains the drool" Reborn commented.

Tsuna wiped his mouth with his sleeve, tightly screwing the cap back onto the tube. "And it's a subtle was to get back at Ieyoshi-Sama" Tsuna admitted, he loved his brother to bits, but sometimes he had the impulse to strike back. He just made sure that Ie never noticed.

"Lazy-Tsuna, you know that you're really freaky sometimes right?" Reborn scoffed, imagining his idiotic student's reaction if he were to ever find out the ingredients of the tube. Personally, he'd be disgusted of it happened to him.

Orange eyes flashed briefly, Tsuna gave a wry smile. "Thank you, I try"


'Dame-Tsuna got me more of that cream...'

Ie had woken briefly from the sound of a cat fight outside his window, a tube of cream had been placed right beside his head. Ie swiftly hopped out of bed, stifling a pained yelp.

'I bet he thinks that the cream is a peace offering, what an idiot'

He crinkled his nose at Tsuna's incompetence, just because he received a gift, doesn't mean that the giver is any less of an monster than before. He let out a relieved sigh as he spread the cream over his face, arms, legs, and chest, the pain instantly seemed to dull at the contact.

'That feels so much better...'

Ie stretched his arms above his head before crawling back into his bed, curling up with his blanket in contentment. He was oblivious to the orange gaze watching from the window.


'And once again, Lazy-Tsuna is nowhere to be found... I wonder how much he actually sleeps'

Reborn was a little miffed that his chosen student wasn't around, however he knew that he couldn't just hunt down the fluffy teen whenever he wanted, especially since Tsuna was his sky. He did his best to ignore the concern churning in his gut, Tsuna was the type of person to hide his pain from those he cared about. He glanced over at Nezumi who was sleeping curled up on Tsuna's pillow then he glanced at Leon.

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