28: attacked by?

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Hehe.... Ah I should have told you guys beforehand that I had taken March break off to play video games....

I write more during school and less during breaks... Yes I'm weird but it gives me a schedule.... And I like my spot of the floor that I write from...

Sorry for forgetting to notify you guys...


The two went into a comfortable silence, neither of the two wanted to disturb it yet both of them knew that it needed to be disturbed so after a few moments Reborn did just that.

"Tsuna, how do you feel right now?"

The hitman questioned once he observed the brunette, he had noticed many small hints of the brunette's sickness during their conversation.

The brunette laughed emptily at the hitman's concern.

"I'll live.... The air is just a little chilly to me...."

The brunette replied softly with a cough, Reborn frowned at this.

'He was fine during and after the run but as we began to talk, eventually he began to sweat slightly, that would be normal if it wasn't so cool out nor if he had sweated during the run.... He's pushing himself.... But just to show off or something else?....'

"That doesn't answer my question lazy-Tsuna.... But whatever, let's get back"

The brunette nodded and the hitman seated himself comfortably in the teen's hair before the brunette began heading back home.

They were silent until they were about half way back, the hitman raised a brow when the brunette suddenly stopped.


The brunette hummed in response as he picked up the hitman and placed him on the ground like one would a puppy.

'Does he sense something?....'

Leon shifted into a gun in Reborn's hands as onyx orbs flitted around to see and danger.

'Strange... I don't sense anything...'

"Reborn, you head back and check on Ie-San and mom....."

The brunette muttered softly, the hitman frowned at the orders and tugged the brunette's hair.

"You're not my boss lazy-Tsuna and don't think about protecting me, I am the world's greatest hitman after all"

Tsuna rolled his eyes as a small yet tired smile played upon his lips.

"True... But I was just saving you from getting all bloody....."

'Ah I sense the enemy now....'

Tsuna whispered as he quickly hopped to the side to dodge metal spike.

The hitman's eyes narrowed when he observed the spike wedged into the ground, it was in the shape of a diamond, he didn't recognize it at all.

'So new weapons have been manufactured, I've got to learn about them...'

"Don't bother..."

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