10: Questioning the idiot

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The brunette shook his head as he moved further away from the hitman, fear flashing within his honey orbs.

"I'll be fine.... Get that flame away from me"

Tsuna whispered, his voice laced with pain as he motioned towards the hitman's yellow flame.

"It's a sun flame! It's properties are perfect for healing!"

'I need to heal him before his body goes into shock from blood loss or worse....'

Reborn grit his teeth in frustration as his gaze flickered towards the amount of blood that the teen had lost.

"It won't work!"

Tsuna whispered.

"Why do you say that?"

Reborn asked impatiently as he moved closer to the brunette, he couldn't heal a person if they kept moving away.

"N-nothing ever works when I'm hurt..... Just give up"

Tsuna replied, his form was beginning to relax somewhat, causing worry to flutter even stronger within the hitman's chest.

"My flame isn't like medicine or doctors"

Reborn sighed as he moved closer, the brunette didn't move away and just gazed blankly at the hitman. This both relieved him and worried him.

Since the brunette had stopped struggling, the hitman immediately began applying his flames to the brunette's arm. Curiosity peaking as he observed the injuries mend themselves quicker than normal.

'Did Baka-Ie use a knife?... He caused so much damage within a few seconds....'

When the wounds were healed the hitman frowned, he looked over the teen to see that he was still conscious.

"Most people would have passed out long ago...."

The hitman stated, the brunette looked at the hitman and silently shook his head, Reborn guessed that Tsuna wasn't in any mood to speak.


The hitman said as he lowered his fedora to shadow his eyes before exiting the honey eyed teen's room.

'Baka-Ie has some explaining to do....'

He walked over towards his idiotic student's room and opened the door to reveal a blood covered idiot sleeping on the floor peacefully.

'He won't seem so peaceful for long'

A sadistic glint glimmered within onyx orbs as he had Leon shift into a hammer, he nodded in approval when he noticed that Leon shifted bigger than normal.

'Leon seems to be angry with Baka-Ie as well'

He poised the Leon hammer above Ie's head before striking the boy, relishing the pained yelp he got from the teen.

"Reborn! Why the hell did you hit me awake?!"

Ie yelled angrily, onyx orbs narrowed at this.

"Why did you attack Tsuna in his sleep?"

Reborn's voice was void of emotion as he flicked up his fedora to show his glare.

Brown orbs blinked in confusion at the hitman.

"What do you even mean?! I didn't attack that creep! If anything he's more likely to attack me on my sleep!"

Ie yelled, the hitman cocked his Leon gun before pointing it at the idiot.

"I know what I saw Baka-Ie, you snuck into Tsuna's room and attacked him in his sleep. The proof is the blood that is covering you"

'Even the most simple of mafioso, no even people could tell that he's obviously guilty with the evidence covering him like a second skin...'

Brown orbs blinked before Ie looked at his hand and went pale in fear.

"I-I didn't d-o it! Th-at monster must have done something again! I didn't do anything to that creep......"

The brunette's vice was shaky as he examined all the blood that he was covered in. Reborn shadowed his eyes with his fedora.

'He's acting all innocent as if he's the victim even though he was the one who had hurt his own brother..... He really is good at acting, put aside that he's covered in evidence, some people might actually believe him... What is up with this odd family?!?'

Reborn shot at the trembling teen, creating a shallow gash in the boy's cheek. Brown orbs flashed at him fearfully as the teen slowly brought up a hand to his new cut.

"You've mentioned this before, but why do you call Tsuna a monster Baka-Ie, as far as I've seen, he's done nothing to you that you didn't deserve"

The hitman stated, Ie narrowed his gaze as he let his fear subside due to the hatred that blossomed within him.

"It doesn't matter! That thing is a monster! He will kill everyone if given the chance!"

Ie snarled, reborn shook his head and sighed.

"Why would he do that and how?"

"How should I know?! He's a dangerous creep! He's not normal and everyone hates him, it's only normal that he would kill everyone!"

Ie yelled, his voice laced thickly with venom.

'So he has no evidence besides his over active imagination'

"That's not a reason Baka-Ie, there is no proof for that. But there is proof of you attacking your brother"

The hitman growled, he was still angry about Tsuna's injuries for some reason. Ie shrugged carelessly as if he had no care in the world.

"I don't remember attacking anyone before besides kicking dame-Tsuna, and even if it did attack him like you said, I wouldn't regret it..... That monster deserves to be put down...."

Ie trailed off as a dangerous glint entered his gaze.

'My new student is messed up.... I might have Shamal conduct a psychology test on him.... No teenage boy should be that hell bent on harming his brother who is innocent...'

Reborn landed a kick on Ie's face, sending him crashing into the wall with a painful groan.

"Respect your family Baka-Ie, family is one of the most important things"

Brown orbs flashed towards the hitman with a heated glare.

"I do not consider that thing as my family Reborn, nothing you could ever say can change that fact so give up"

Ie growled as he stalked out of his room towards the bathroom, probably to clean up the blood.

'Nono.... I really hope that you agree with me once I send in my report.... It hasn't even been more than five days and I've already seen so much evil within your chosen heir....'

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