15: Kendo

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The rest of the day went on as usual, except for a missing honey eyed brunette whom a certain hitman couldn't find, yet he wasn't worried for he knew that he'd see the teen again some time or later.

School had just let out and the hitman spotted his idiotic student hiding behind a corner, eyeing the school's female idol who was currently talking to one of her upperclassmen.

'Hmm seems like the idiot has a crush......'

The hitman had his trusty partner shift into a green gun and hopped over towards the teen.

"You seem to like her"

Brown orbs flashed towards the infant before narrowing.

"Who wouldn't? I just need to find a way to approach her...."

Ie replied, missing the dark glint within the infant's onyx orbs.

"I have an idea go die"

Reborn stated as he shot his idiotic student in the forehead , a pale orange flame flickered to life as the teen's uniform ripped to shreds until he was left wearing only his black boxers with pink heart prints.

"Reborn! Make Sasagawa Kyoko mine to make me even more popular!"

Reborn watched with distaste as his student ran off towards the school's female idol.

'His attitude is really disgusting.... Only asking her out to become more popular is really low....'

"Kyoko go out with me I love you!"

Ie called as he bowed in front of the orange haired girl.

"Oi I was asking first! You ruined my confession you idiot! I challenge you to a kendo match and the winner gets Sasagawa Kyoko!"

A black haired teen whom the orange haired girl had been speaking to yelled, his name was Mochida Kensuke, the captain of the kendo club.

The pale flame flickered out as Ie gaped in shock at his current position.


"You, me, kendo arena, ten minutes"

The upperclassman huffed as he stalked away, Kyoko's gaze flickered towards the half naked teen before turning away.

"Why do idiot monkeys get to decide for you Kyoko?!?"

A scary girl with long wavy black hair growled, her name was Kurokawa Hana, she was Kyoko's best friend.

Ie just stood there in shock as the two girls walked away, Reborn smirked as he appeared beside the teen.

"Don't miss your match, get ready for it"

The infant took pleasure in the way the brunette's eye twitched at his comment.

"It's your fault! I can't beat the kendo captain!..... Where's dame-Tsuna?...."

"I don't know where your brother is, now you better head towards the gym before I add one hundred extra laps to your jog tomorrow"

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