23: The storm arrives

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Reborn raised a brow when he arrived in Tsuna's room and the brunette was actually there.

"Tsuna I have a question"

Reborn stated, not one to beat around the bush, the honey eyed brunette glanced in the hitman's direction in surprise, the boy seemed to have just finished getting changed.

"What it it?"

Tsuna asked softly, his voice slightly hoarse for some reason.

"Why does Baka-Ie fear you?"

Honey orbs widened in shock as the brunette took a step back, onyx orbs sharpened at how the brunette had started to tremble somewhat.

"I–...... I really don't want to answer that Reboen...."

The brunette replied, his voice somewhat shaky as he coughed.

Reborn frowned but nodded non the less, he didn't see any use in pushing the teen for answers for it would just make him lose his trust.

'Whatever happened isn't good..... It's easy to tell with the way Tsuna is acting'

"Okay then, start heading to school"

Tsuna looked at the hitman in shock for a few moments because he had expected the infant to push, he nodded gratefully when he noted that Reborn wasn't planning to.

"Thank you Reborn...."

The brunette whispered as he hopped out the window, the pain that had been laced within Tsuna's voice caused the hitman's flame flare painfully.

Reborn shook of the feeling of his flame and headed towards the school.


Reborn sat outside the classroom window, anticipating the start of the class,  Tsuna was sleeping in his desk lazily like always.

The bell rang as soon as the teacher entered the room.


"All right class, today we have a new student"

Nezu-sensei called as he motioned towards the door, the whole class perked up and began chatting excitedly at the news.

A silver haired teen walked into the room, his slack posture along with his emerald glare caused the girls in the class to squeal in excitement.

The teen had countless skull rings and necklaces all over him, he looked like the perfect delinquent.

"Introduce yourself"

Nezu-sensei called, the student scowled darkly at the class in response.

"Tch, Gokudera Hayato, don't bother me"


The girls squealed loudly, loving the bad boy attitude immensely while the males glared in jealously.

Gokudera growled as he stalked over towards a sleeping brunette's desk.

Tsuna was jolted awake by the new student's foot making contact with his desk, effectively making the teen fall out of said desk.

"Tch, useless nobody, you're not worth becoming Vongola Decimo"

Tsuna blinked in surprise as he sat up and rubbed his chin which had hit the floor, a warm smile crossed his face as he nodded in acceptance.

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