16: Baby carnivore

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Steel orbs narrowed at the brunette in the idol's grasp, causing Takeshi to unconsciously shiver in fear at the demonic perfect's leering gaze.

"Put the baby carnivore on the ground and go away"

The demonic perfect stated, Takeshi froze in dismay for he was torn between listening and somehow dragging the brunette to safety.

"I won't let you hurt him..."

Takeshi replied as he swallowed his fear, a dark smirk marred the perfect's face as he flashed his tonfas.

"The baby carnivore needs a carnivore to deal with its injuries"

Takeshi was silent before realization dawned upon him, Takeshi grinned before placing Tsuna onto the ground gently.

"Thank you Hibari-San!"

The male idol called as he ran away before the dangerous teen could change his mind.

Steel grey orbs flashed towards the rest of the crowd that had frozen in shock.

"I'll bite you to death!"

The teen lunged with his trusted weapons. A certain hitman smirked in amusement as he watched the bloody beating that the school's perfect laid out for everyone.

'Hibari Kyoya, a perfect candidate for a cloud..... His connections towards lazy-Tsuna are interesting.... My files told me that he called everyone herbivore, but he called lazy-Tsuna a baby carnivore....'


After everyone had been cleared out of the gym, the hitman watched as the demonic perfect flicked blood off of his tonfas before hiding them on his person.

Hibari then looked down towards the injured brunette before crouching down, the hitman raised a brow when the teen traced the brunette's jawline gently.

"Infant, if you harm one of my pack I will bite you to death"

The school perfect stated calmly as his grey gaze rested in the hitman's general direction.

'His senses are heightened greatly...'

"Hibari Kyoya..... I have a proposition for you"

Reborn replied as he hopped over towards the demonic perfect.

"State you're offer"

"Become part of Tsuna's family and help him to become a great mafia–"

The hitman cut himself off as he leaped away from the gleaming Tonga that had been swung towards his head.

"Wao.........The baby carnivore will not enter the mafia, leave now or I will bite you to death infant"

Hibari bristled as he stood in front of the brunette so that he was blocking the hitman, it almost seemed as if the teen was protecting Tsuna.

Reborn lowered his fedora and smirked.

"What if I fight you? If I win you join"

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