53: fifty three

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"Baby carnivore, proceed to filing away my paperwork"

Kyoya stated as he motioned towards one of the side desks in the disciplinary committee's office.

The brunette smiled lightly before heading towards the desk.

"Okay Kyoya"

'The baby carnivore is quite useful'

Tsuna replied softly, the demonic perfect nodded in satisfaction before heading towards his own desk to work on a different stack of paperwork.

After some time, the demonic perfect paused and put down his pen.

"How is your health?"

'He seems to be tiring rather quickly lately...'

The raven inquired, the brunette paused and looked up from the paperwork solemnly as he shook his head.

"No good.... I think that I'm running short of time...."

'Impossible, the baby carnivore can't lose, I won't allow it'

The brunette sighed as he twirled the pen on the desk, his interest of paperwork quickly lost.

Steel grey orbs narrowed in distaste as he stalked towards the smaller teen.

"It sounds as if you've become herbivorous, have you truly given up?"

The perfect stated darkly, honey orbs blinked as sadness flickered within them before the brunette shook his head.

"No, my tutor, well self appointed tutor has supposedly called in an special Doctor that may be able to help me"

The raven raised a brow before a dark smirk appeared upon his face.

'A doctor? I'll make him heal the baby carnivore...'

"Then why do you seem so down baby carnivore?"

'I don't like seeing the baby carnivore acting herbivorous'

"Because I don't think that he will be able to help me, though I can't help but hope that he can....."

Tsuna whispered softly.

'Hn.... The baby carnivore seems to be conflicted'

"Hn, then you should cling onto the hope"

Tsuna shook his head before responding.

"I don't think that I deserve it....."

Tsuna mumbled, causing the demonic perfect to scowl further.

'Such a reckless baby carnivore, if he keeps acting like this, he'll never be a full carnivore....'

"You're the most caring creature and mysterious that I have ever come across"

Tsuna smiled wryly at the response.

"Thanks, I know that you prefer not to talk like me"

"Hn, when it comes to your health, I shall put up with some socialization. What about that herbivore brother of yours?"

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