17: Memories

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The brunette looked down towards the ground and spotted his shirt, he gingerly picked it up and carefully put it on. Reborn wondered why the brunette was being so careful with the shirt.

"Lazy-Tsuna if you tell me what's going on between you and your brother I could probably help you"

The hitman stated, Tsuna flashed a grateful smile towards the hitman.

"I appreciate the sentiment but some things are too messed up for even the world's greatest hitman to understand. It's best if you find out for yourself"

Tsuna muttered softly as he swung his legs over the bed and stood up, grimacing at his ruined uniform in the process.

"Tch.... You're a troublesome student...."

Honey orbs blinked in surprise as the brunette raised a brow.

"I'm not you're student, Ie-San is...."

Tsuna replied with a faint blush, touched that the hitman actually called him his student, he wasn't used to a lot of kindness from anyone besides his mother.

Reborn scoffed before kicking the brunette in the head, just hard enough to slightly daze the boy instead of sending him flying.

"I've decided that I'll make you into the best decimo"

"Nono isn't going to be too happy with your choice....."

The hitman shrugged and settled on top of the brunette's soft hair.

"I'm doing Nono a favour, I'm not being paid so it's fine"

A wry smile played upon the brunette's lips.

"I don't want to be decimo....."

"Too bad lazy-Tsuna, I'll make you decimo anyways"

"I should have known......"

Tsuna sighed half heartedly.

"Of course lazy-Tsuna"

"You're going to fail......"

Onyx orbs glinted darkly under the hitman's fedora at the underlying tone within the brunette's seemingly innocent statement.

"I'm the world's greatest hitman, I can't fail"

Reborn had to hold onto the brunette's hair as the teen slowly shook his head.

"Even the best can make mistakes, but you won't fail due to a mistake Reborn"

The brunette coughed before his posture slouched ever so slightly.

"I still won't make a mistake"

A weary look swirled within honey orbs.

"True, some things are out of one's control.... You will fail but it won't be because of a mistake........"

The brunette mused, resulting in the infant to inwardly curse.

'This boy...... Always avoiding the essential details.....'


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