44: forty four

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The hitman nodded, noting to observe the relationship between Tsuna and his mother into more depth later.

"Then I guess that we really should head back then"

Reborn replied, Tsuna nodded as he staggered to his feet, Reborn noticed how the teen had cringed slightly.

'I had forgotten that he still feels his injuries even after he heals..... It's easy to forget with the way he shrugs them off'

"Are you sure that you're okay?"

The hitman inquired once he noticed that the brunette's brow was still furrowed despite the fact that they had already started walking back.

"Yeah, I'll be adjusted to the pain soon so it's fine"

Tsuna replied softly after coughing, the hitman nodded but still kept a wary eye on the teen.

'His pain tolerance is commendable but he may use it one day to hide his serious injuries....'

"It's okay to complain about the pain, you're a teenager"

The brunette paused his steps as he lowered his head, brown locks hiding honey orbs from view.

"I can't give in to my wants"

The brunette breathed softly, the hitman raised a brow at the statement.

'He can't give in to his wants?'

"What do you mean by that?"

The brunette raised his head to reveal blank honey orbs, the teen seemed to have gifted lost in thought.

'I hope that he doesn't stake his existence on taking care of Baka-Ie.....'

"Oi Tsuna!"

Reborn hit the brunette on the head with a Leon ruler, the honey eyed teen snapped out of his daze.

"Hmmm oh! Reborn...."

'So he had forgotten that I was with him....'

Tsuna hummed apologetically as he nervously scratched his cheek with a finger.

"Sorry..... I got lost in my thoughts....."

The brunette apologized, the hitman was silent for a few moments before responding.

"I could easily see that? What were you things about?"

Honey orbs darkened for a split second before lightening up.

"Mm just some old memories of the past....."

The brunette replied softly before coughing, this time a little harsher than normal.

'I really want to find out his secrets and past.... I don't like not knowing things... It's so frustrating.....'

"I see.... I'll let you tell me when you're ready...."

A wry smile made its way upon the brunette's lips as he nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, it's a relief to not have you prying into my past...."

Tsuna replied softly, the hitman smirked darkly.

"I could change that if you want"

Honey orbs widened in shock as the boy brought up his arms into an X and shook his head.

"N-no I'm fine!"

Tsuna received a whack on the head with a Leon ruler courtesy of Reborn due to his slight stutter.

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