41: showing skills

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"Tsuna, are you ready to show me some of your fighting skills?"

'I'm really curious to know his full fighting style, he'd have to have a teacher at one point and I'm curious as to who this teacher was'

The hitman questioned once the only people around were Hayato and Takeshi.

Honey orbs flickered towards the other two before the brunette nodded.

"Y-yeah.... But could it only be us two? I've never shown off skills outside of battle or training so I'm a little nervous...."

The brunette whispered softly as his gaze averted itself towards the ground.

"Gokudera, Yamamoto"

Both teen's nodded in understanding.

"Haha, Tsuna is still a little shy I guess!"

The baseball fan laughed, the bomber scowled at him.

"Baseball freak, Tsuna-Sama just isn't used to people being around him! Don't laugh!"

Hayato growled as he went to throw his dynamites, he paused however when his throwing hand suddenly became empty.


Emerald orbs blinked in confusion at the empty hand before turning towards Tsuna who was holding unlit dynamites sheepishly.

The hitman smirked at the demonstration of stealth from his student.

'He has potential for pick pocketing, this would prove useful against enemy bosses'

"Tsuna-Sama you're amazing! Come on baseball idiot! We need to leave to allow Tsuna-Sama some space!"

Hayato called as he dragged the black haired teen away.


'I wish Tsuna would have let us stay...'

Takeshi sighed in disappointment once he and Hayato were out of the brunette's dance.

"Oi don't sigh idiot!"

Hazel orbs blinked in confusion at the bomber.

'But I want to be with Tsuna...'

"Haha sorry! I was just curious about Tsuna's skills!"

The baseball fan laughed, the bomber however scowled.

"Tsuna-Sama was right, your fake smile is disgusting"


Takeshi gaped at the silver haired teen for a good few minuets before Hayato growled.

"Stop with the stupid face, Tsuna-Sama has been alone for years, of course he wouldn't be comfortable being around two people who are fairly new to him all of the time"

'Heh.... He's right'

The bomber averted his gaze when Takeshi gave him a bright smile.


'Tch... Stupid baseball idiot for worrying about stupid things...'


"So Tsuna, are you ready?"

'Finally I get to see some of his skills'

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