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A Surprise Trip to Italy!!! WHAT??!! by Himura_dono
A Surprise Trip to Italy!!! WHAT...by Angler_army_Snailord_followers
Timoteo after receiving the letter Reborn had sent to him and after finding out that Tsuna's classmates have lately been targeted by other mafia families because they ar...
  • tsuna
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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Omegaverse-KHR by norasaki029
Omegaverse-KHRby akira007
Omega tsuna! X alpha reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.
  • renatosinclair
  • r27
  • khr
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Reunion by Agent___m
Reunionby Agent___m
After receiving an invitation to a ten year high school reunion, our sunset eyed brunette decided to show his true self to those who believed him useless. Follow Tsuna a...
  • 10years
  • chrome
  • yamamoto
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Blind Fate by norasaki029
Blind Fateby akira007
Blind tsuna! X reborn KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • renatosinclair
  • r27
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Hands Off by hazirahhusna
Hands Offby hazirahhusna
Tsuna had finally confessed to Reborn and when they thought that they would have their happily ever after , they were dead wrong .One day after all of his guardians went...
  • 8059
  • lemon
  • sweet
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Frozen Hearts - Katekyo Hitman Reborn by mintgreyashes
Frozen Hearts - Katekyo Hitman Reb...by 「 Lız 」
Always so cold. Always pretending. He never once allowed others past his barriors. Sawada Tsunayoshi has constantly allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet. Satis...
  • skyflames
  • sawadatsunayoshi
  • vongola
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The wrong twin. (Hitman reborn fic) R27 by blichigo
The wrong twin. (Hitman reborn fic...by blichigo
Adult Reborn is sent to train the tenth generation boss of the most influential mafia family there is, the Vongola. The boss's name? Sawada Hiroyoshi. The more athletic...
  • khr
  • tsuna
  • boyxboy
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KHR One-Shots by NightWolf2300
KHR One-Shotsby Jade Wolf
Random Bunch of One-Shots featuring the whole crew of KHR
  • random
  • gokudera
  • reborn
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Reborn is De-aged Once Again by Anime_Loving_Novice
Reborn is De-aged Once Againby Novine Lars
In which adult reborn (who has grown fast enough after the final arc) was turned back into a teenager with no memories of the present him. Now, it's up to Tsuna and his...
  • 1869
  • lambo
  • mafia
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One shots (27R) by il-cielo-e-il-sole
One shots (27R)by Il cielo è il sole
A series of related one shots of the pairing 27R. Also fem Reborn. Enjoy!
  • katekyohitmareborn
  • tsunayoshi
  • rebornxtsuna
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KHR: The Sun's Sky by Aoka_MidoKuro
KHR: The Sun's Skyby SeventhAssassin
The Sun is dangerous, yet hid something no one knows. The Sky is vast and beauty but has a problem and tears hidden within it. Find out as who was the Sun, Reborn keepin...
  • family
  • married
  • tearsandcomfort
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The Kindhearted Ghost! by norasaki029
The Kindhearted Ghost!by akira007
Ghost tsuna! X Reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.
  • khr
  • renatosinclair
  • dokurochrome
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The Accident at Classroom 2-A Namimori Middle School by wokkeyyyyy27
The Accident at Classroom 2-A Nami...by wokkeyyyyy27
Tsuna and his guardians were having a peaceful lesson with their classmates in their classroom until odd things started to happen causing them to stop their lesson and i...
  • r27
  • sawadatsunayoshi
  • survival
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My Slave-KHR by norasaki029
My Slave-KHRby akira007
an emotionless slave that don't make a sound when he being rape,whip,punch,kick and anything that hurt physical you name it or show any expression of hurt,sad,scare and...
  • khr
  • renatosinclair
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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A Dish Best Served Cold {KHR} by randomcitizen_58
A Dish Best Served Cold {KHR}by :p
After years of seeing their precious boss being bullied by their class, the Guardians, Reborn, the Vongola Famiglia and ex-Arcobaleno decided to give Tsuna's class, 2A o...
  • r27
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
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I Think I'm In Love Again by Bookwormr27
I Think I'm In Love Againby Bookwormr27
Reborn genius hitman and schoolboy oh he's also a big playboy every girl has a crush on him except one. Tsunami sawada a supposed slut she also supposedly an idiot b...
  • tsuna
  • âu
  • tsunamy
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The Sky and his Sun (KHR Fanfic R27) by AdrianaEspan
The Sky and his Sun (KHR Fanfic R2...by AdrianaEspan
Where Tsuna is the Sky Arcobaleno, and sky arcobalenos look like teenagers who don't age or die. He is not the Vongola Decimo. The question is, if Tsuna and Reborn were...
  • tsuna
  • fanfiction
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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Wife | Oneshot by Meopize
Wife | Oneshotby мєσ
Reborn could feel his anger bubble up in his chest, how dare they. How dare they take what was his. As of right now, Reborn despised Iemitsu, so very much. **Do not own...
  • reborn
  • iemitsubashing
  • nondemico
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Saving Mother by Ryeryurei
Saving Motherby Ryugisaki Rye Len
Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic first time writing in wattpad, Yaoi hibarikyoyaxreadee Rebornxtsuna takeshixhayato mukuroxchrome ryohiexhana Xanxusxsquallo The story...
  • collonelloxlalmirch
  • bellxflan
  • kyoyaxreader
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Tsuna in the past by joanna19957
Tsuna in the pastby joanna19957
A stranger woke up in front of two people, one had pink hair (pardon me red), the other one more yellow one. Both were arguing about something, because in front of them...
  • lampo
  • r27
  • tsuna
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