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Loveless Cielo*on hold* by DemonsLove27
Loveless Cielo*on hold*by Demons Love27
Sawada Tsunayoshi learns at a young age that his father is in the mafia, he learns to fight and to hack only for his so called father to take his twin younger brothers a...
Nono's Invitation to Italy by fairyqueenerza123
Nono's Invitation to Italyby fairyqueenerza123
Nono hears of Tsunas bullying from Reborn and what's his reaction? Let's invite them on a Vongola style trip in Italy!
The Bunny that Captured all Predators (KHR fanfic) by mega_rabbit
The Bunny that Captured all Predat...by mega_rabbit
my first Khr fanfic!! hope u like it!! disclaimer: I don't own any thing from Khr, but the idea of this story Set in AU, in this world, people are mixed, meaning they ar...
Mark-KHR by norasaki029
Mark-KHRby Akira007
Human tsuna! X Demon reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner
A Surprise Trip to Italy!!! WHAT??!! by Himura_dono
A Surprise Trip to Italy!!! WHAT...by Angler_army_Snailord_followers
Timoteo after receiving the letter Reborn had sent to him and after finding out that Tsuna's classmates have lately been targeted by other mafia families because they ar...
Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27) by RainbowFluff24
Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27)by Rainbow_Fluff
*Complete* ----------------- what would happen if Tsuna was sent back in time to When Reborn wasn't curse yet?What will happen in the time he's there?Will he make it hom...
Go with the flow of a different universe?! - Dropped  by RosaNRoss
Go with the flow of a different un...by RosaNRoss
The wind blew quietly through the window of the office laid on the ground a young brown haired boy approximately 15 years old. He had gravity-defying hair with a girly f...
Christmas Reunion by lenuska99
Christmas Reunionby Lulu
It's Christmas and even in Vongola maison isn't happy atmosphere An exception. BUt what is this, A reunion for Tsuna's old class is held on the same day as the Vongola...
KHR Facebook by SkyDelusion
KHR Facebookby Cielo Nuvola
What if Tsuna and the others have Facebook? Some craziness will be revealed sooner or later perhaps. Warning: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn nor its characters.
Omegaverse-KHR by norasaki029
Omegaverse-KHRby Akira007
Omega tsuna! X alpha reborn! KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.
Vongola's Servamp (DiscontinuedForNow) by Itz_Iren
Vongola's Servamp (DiscontinuedFor...by Iren
What if Mahiru Shirota is Tsunayoshi Sawada the Vongola Decimo? What if his family sent him on a vacation but instead of vacation it turned into a servamp war? How do yo...
Blind Fate by norasaki029
Blind Fateby Akira007
Blind tsuna! X reborn KHR did not belong to me it belong to it rightful owner.
The Skies of Tri-ni-sette by Lexerine
The Skies of Tri-ni-setteby L.R
Take place in Future Arc. Sawada Tsunayoshi is the missing son of Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana. When Ieyasu and his guardians travel to the future to free this world f...
Tsunarella by Catherine_Spiral
Tsunarellaby Catherine_Charlotte_Spiral
Tsunayuuki was born on a wealthy family and was loved by her parents. The keyword is WAS.... When she turned 15, her mother died because of an unknown sickness and her f...
Pacts of Life by lenuska99
Pacts of Lifeby Lulu
Au story. With our world, Earth, there is still one world about which we know something more. The Denymeria, the worl where they live. They are creatures which we callin...
REBORN! WHAT DID YOU DO? by Weird_Writer3
Sawada Tsunayoshi has a secret, he is Vongola Neo Primo, aka Decimo. But to his classmates prefer to call him Dame-Tsuna. not for long, when Renato Saintclare, aka Rebor...
Babysitter!-KHR by norasaki029
Babysitter!-KHRby Akira007
Reborn is a married man and have a son name akira and a wife name bianchi. They all have a happy life but then it suddenly change when some misunderstanding happen betwe...
I Love You (Oneshot) by reborntsunar27v2
I Love You (Oneshot)by reborntsunar27v2
R27 one shot Warning: this is yaoi, if you don't like boyxboy then please kindly leave this story and find something else... For those who would love to read this, pleas...
My Husband? (KHR) by LuvPatissiere
My Husband? (KHR)by ~m
Tbc What if...The Cielo Guardians just noticed Tsuna's ring finger? Would they stop at nothing to find who the person is? Who took Tsuna's heart?! Disclamer: I Don't ow...
The Love Of My Life by Aros27
The Love Of My Lifeby Cielo
Tsunayoshi had been always called Dame-tsuna his entire life despite his many talents,A man came to him suddenly that will change Tsunayoshi's and will stand by his side...