11: lack of self value

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Reborn decided to head back towards Tsuna's room to check up on the boy, he was worried about how the boy seemed to just accept whatever people inflicted on him.

'Tsuna needs a lot of work to be done on him if he is to be the true heir, at least he's manageable unlike the brat'

Reborn mused with his thoughts as he entered the room, Tsuna was still sitting on the bed with a blank expression on his face.

"Oi lazy-Tsuna"

Reborn frowned when he got no response from the brunette, he hopped over so that he was standing on the boy's knee.

"Oi Tsuna, snap out of it"

He let out a sigh when his effort proved to be futile, he pointed Leon at him, the green creature was still in his normal form.

The chameleon crawled off of the hitman's hand and hopped onto the brunette's shoulder, flicking his tongue on Th boy's cheek affectionately.

'I've still got to figure out why Leon seems to like him so much'

A small smile appeared upon the boy's face as honey orbs softened and looked towards the green chameleon.

"Thanks you for caring Leon"

Tsuna laughed lightly as he pet him on the head.

"Oi lazy-Tsuna, how do you feel?"

The hitman asked now that the brunette has returned to his senses, he was slightly concerned about the effects of blood loss.

Honey orbs flickered towards the hitman with gratitude.

"It doesn't matter how I feel, but thank you for stopping Ie-San, it doesn't turn out well whenever I'm sick and not able to escape"

Tsuna replied softly, still petting Leon.

'Does he not care about himself? Or am I missing something else....?'

"So this happens a lot?"

Tsuna shrugged half heartedly at the question, wincing slightly as a result.

"It's random, don't worry I haven't died yet so it's no danger whenever that happens, it just hurts, that's all"

Tsuna sighed tiredly.

"I thought that you didn't care about pain since you usually don't try to escape or fight back"

Honey orbs flashed with sadness for a split second before returning to normal, Reborn noticed this.

"It doesn't matter..... Except when Ie-San is like that, then it's best if I let him attack me for a few moments before running away..."

Reborn raised a brow at this new information, not making sense of it in the least.

"Why let him attack you for a few moments? Why not just run away from the start?"

Honey orbs flickered towards the window.

"Who knows?....."

Reborn lowered his fedora in annoyance, he didn't like not knowing things yet he somehow knew that using force wouldn't work on the boy in front of him, the boy who didn't seem to value himself that much.

"I'm pretty sure that you do know lazy-Tsuna"

The hitman stated.

"Maybe.... But you may find out eventually...."

Reborn sighed and shook his head.

"Don't go to school tomorrow, you need to recover from your blood loss"

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