58: Absent minded shooting of Ie

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The brunette yawned softly, covering his mouth as he did so.

"I think that I should go and wash up...."

The teen trailed off as he motioned to himself, he was still covered in dried blood.

'Yes, he looks as if he had just commuted murder, though in this case, he probably has'

"Hurry up then, you look terrible"

Reborn replied with a smirk as the teen got up and headed towards the bathroom.

'While lazy-Tsuna is busy, I should go and train Baka-Ie'

The hitman smirked darkly as he began to seek out his idiotic student.


"Gah! You demonic little psychopath!"

Ie screeched as he ran down the block, the hitman had found him and was enjoying using Ie as a target.

'That idiot will never learn will he?....'

The hitman sighed in disappointment as he continued to fire rubber bullets at the brunette, wishing that the idiotic teen wasn't needed in the eyes of Vongola.

'At least Leon is enjoying himself as well'

The hitman marvelled at how much his trusted partner was so attached to Tsuna, though he was not surprised in the least with Leon's apparent hate for Ie.

"Baka-Ie, you'll never become a good boss of the only weapon in your bag is insults, and pathetic ones at that"

Reborn hummed as he fired a rubber bullet dangerously close to the teen's face, causing the teen to cringe in fear before scrambling away slightly faster than before.

"I'll always be a good boss! It's you that's the problem!"

Ie panted as he turned a corner, hoping to get out of the hitman's firing range, said hitman shook his head in disappointment as he swiftly rounded the corner and shot the teen in the shin with a rubber bullet.

'He'd only be a great boss is he was planted into a position with the sole purpose of causing failure..... And even then, he might die before he even gets the chance to screw up'

The hitman smirked when Leon shifted the bullets into a more dense rubber substance than before.

'It seems as if Leon agrees with me as well'


'That pathetic herbivore's whining is disrupting the peace....'

The skylark glanced down from his perch atop a building to scowl at the sight of the shrieking teen.

He was sorely tempted to add to the teen's misery, however thoughts of the honey eyed brunette stopped him.

'I'll allow the carnivore to continue with his hunting,  that prey is one that will cause the baby-carnivore to become upset with me...'

Steel orbs narrowed with bloodlust at the brown eyed teen as he sheathed his tonfas.

'I'll let myself be satisfied with the fact that I had a good time toying with my last prey before finishing them off'

The demonic perfect mused as he walked towards the edge of the building and leaped onto the one beside it, not even casing back a glance towards the bodies he had just left.

'One day, that herbivore will end up like the others...'


The hitman smirked when he felt bloodlust radiating from the rooftops as he chased down the brunette.

'Seems as if Hibari is jealous that I'm able to torment Baka-Ie..... If only my idiotic student would realize how lucky he is that Tsuna for some reason adores him, and thus stops the demonic perfect from killing him...'

The hitman allowed his body to go on auto pilot while dealing with the teen, knowing that even then the brunette couldn't escape.

'Though, Hibari's bloodlust is quite impressive, it would be hard to find a rival for its intensity, even within the mafia. It's a wonder in how such pure bloodlust could have been cultivated within Namimori, though factoring in Tsuna's abuse and the intruders, it's not too much of a mystery.... He's the perfect cloud'

The teen's shrieks of pain were ignored as background noise as the hitman continued to think while shooting at him absentmindedly.

'Tsuna still needs a sun, mist, and lightning... I don't have any good candidates for them in my sights currently..... That Kyoko girl seems like she would be a sun, however I doubt that she would be comparable with Tsuna's personality.... Having innocence around would be good for him, however it would be flushed away swiftly within the mafia.....'

"Gah!!! Reborn!!"

The human glanced towards the teen to affirm that he was alive before continuing the barrage of bullets after seeing that the teen was just heavily bruised and being a wimp.

'This will help Baka-Ie's pain tolerance threshold to grow.... Speaking of Ie, that idiot also needs guardians if he is to pose as a potential heir, even if I will do what I can to prevent the idiot from actually becoming the boss.... There are many people who seem to like him, however, none of them stand out like Tsuna's guardians.... Maybe that Mochida could be his cloud, not the best, but it's something...'

"Reborn, could you please stop tormenting Ieyoshi-Sama and give him a rest?"

The hitman almost jumped at the soft voice before he looked to his side to see that Tsuna was crouched down beside him.

'That sneaky little....'

Reborn glanced towards the battered body of the idiot before sighing, allowing Leon to turn back into a chameleon.

"I guess Baka-Ie can rest for a bit, as much as it would please me, death by exhaustion is not something I can allow"

'It would ruin both my reputation in the mafia and lazy-Tsuna's trust in me'

The hitman replied, noting that the teen's newly acquired rat was settled down on the teen's shoulder, nuzzling his neck affectionately.

"That didn't look like training"

The brunette muttered softly, amusement present within his honey orbs.

"It's enhancement of the idiot's pain tolerance, his is pathetic compared to yours"

'Lazy-Tsuna's pain tolerance is unreal...'

The hitman replied with a smirk, the teen shook his head and let out a soft sigh.

"That's not a fair comparison...."


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