4: Selfish brat

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"Why should I respect dame-Tsuna?!"

Ie growled as he sat up and rubbed his head in pain.

"Because a mafia boss must always be respectful"

The hitman replied as he shot Ie in the chest with a rubber bullet, he secretly wanted to use a real one but he doubted that Nono would approve of his decisions. More importantly, it would put a blemish on his perfect record.

A groan escaped from the younger twin at the impact.

"So why was I chosen to be the next boss? I know that I'm perfect, but I'm a civilian"

The hitman lowered his fedora in distaste at how nonchalantly Ie had said that sentence. It utterly disgusted him.

'Perfect? I'm currently able to point out at least a thousand things that are wrong with him....'

"Thought like that will get you killed Baka-Ie, anyway the both of you are the last descendants of the Founder of Vongolia, thus it is your right to take the position"

Reborn replied as he showed a family tree to the two teens, Ie gave it a quick glance before losing interest, while Tsuna examined it, the hitman noticed that the boy's brow furrowed slightly.

'Why would he be upset with the family tree?..... I seem to be gaining more questions than answers lately....'

"That means that dame-Tsuna is also a heir..... But since I'm chosen he can just be killed once I become the boss!"

Ie cheered, reborn froze for half of a millisecond at Ie's words, not believing that the teen could be so heartless.

'Nono... Iemitsu.... The two of you have chosen the wrong twin... Even I doubt that I could make him into the perfect mafia boss.... Vongolia is in for another generation of bloodshed and hate.... And what has caused Baka-Ie to harbour so much malice against Tsuna?...'

The hitman looked at Tsuna, whom hadn't spoken since they entered Ie's room. The teen just had a slight frown on his face, one of disappointment, however the hitman doubted that the honey eyed teen was disappointed that his brother wanted him to be dead.

"Baka-Ie don't disrespect family!"

Reborn scolded as Leon turned into a stick and he began whacking the brat with the transformed Leon.

"Ow ow ow ow ow stop!"

Ie cried as he curled up into a ball, further disappointing the hitman. Reborn turned towards Tsuna.

"I'm sleeping in your room"

'I might accidentally kill him if  I sleep in the same room as Baka-Ie..... He's got to get rid of his attitude or I won't be the only hitman wanting to kill him in the future....'

A small smile played on Tsuna's lips as he nodded in response and walked out of the room with Reborn still on his shoulder.

"I'm amazed that Baka-Ie keeps his temper in check when other people are around."

The hitman commented, hoping to start a conversation with the honey eyed brunette, he wanted to learn more about the circumstances concerning the twins.

Tsuna didn't respond until he re-entered his own room, Reborn hopped off of his shoulder as Tsuna sat on his bed.

"Ie-San is a good actor.... It will help him in the future....."

Tsuna trailed off as he furrowed his brow as if deep in thought before shaking his head.

"No he'll be fine..... You'll somehow get rid of his temper, maybe.... But— ah never mind...."

The hitman raised a brow at how Tsuna seemed to cut off his own thoughts.

"Never mind what?"

A glint of mischief flickered within honey orbs for a second as Tsuna tilted his head to the side cutely.

"It'll be more fun for you to find out for yourself!"

Reborn was about to reply but he was cut off by Nana calling everyone for supper.

The two headed down stairs, Tsuna walking while Reborn hitching a ride on the brunette's head.

Everyone say down at the table, Nana at the head with Tsuna beside her, then Ieyoshi and lastly Reborn.

"Don't take my food!"

Ie yelled as the hitman swiped a few nuggets off of his plate, onyx eyes glinted with amusement at the teen's distress.

"Baka-Ie, a mafia boss must be prepared to protect his own food"

Reborn replied innocently as he swiped a few more nuggets, Ie's gaze narrowed at the infant before he turned towards Tsuna who was slowly munching on a breadstick.

"Dame-Tsuna, give me your food"

Honey orbs blinked at Ie before he picked up his plate and handed it towards him. However Tsuna's hand slipped slightly so Ie ended up getting a face full of food instead.

Reborn lowered his fedora to hide his smirk, he could easily tell that Tsuna hadn't merely been clumsy.

"Gah dame-Tsuna! You're going to pay for that!"

Ie snarled as he stood up from his spot and shoved his older brother out of his chair.

Reborn turned to Nana who seemed to be smiling away despite the violence going on.

'Nana doesn't seem to hate Tsuna... So why? Even if he heals quickly like she said.... A mother wouldn't just sit back and watch her children fight, well one fight while the other ignores...'

Tsuna stood up from his spot on the floor and headed upstairs, the hitman frowned at this and proceeded to eat all of his own and Ie's meal before following the brunette. However when he entered Tsuna's room, the teen was nowhere to be found, the window was open allowing a cool breeze to come through.

Reborn hopped up onto the window sill and looked outside for and signs of the honey eyed brunette, it was quite dark outside but the hitman's eyes were trained for the dark.

'Tch..... He went missing again.... One day I'm going to find out where he goes...'

Reborn sighed before setting up his hammock in the room, he then say in it to await the honey eyed brunette's return.

A few hours passed and it was already three in the morning, and Tsuna had still not returned.

Me: Ieyoshi really is a selfish brat.... Hmm I don't have much to say~ except that it's fun writing this story~ hope ya enjoyed~ Berry out~

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