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A Shinobi's Another Life by UltraOtaku
A Shinobi's Another Lifeby Maimi-chan
Naruto X KHR Fanfiction Ughhh. My head hurts. So this is the world Kurama is talking about, huh? Wait a minute! I'm currently a child?! Fem!Naruto
My Assassin Partner. (OC X Hayato) by WeiMoZhiEr
My Assassin Partner. (OC X Hayato)by 魏魔之恶
10 years ago- A 15 year old figure with a mop of familiar white hair was covered from head to toe in fresh blood from his victim, he cut his target down with his sword a...
KHR: Ai no Tane (Seed of Love) by jn3883
KHR: Ai no Tane (Seed of Love)by Ajustine Charlie Hermosura
Their first encounter is the most strangest way to meet. But as time passes being together, seed of love is slowly but beautifully blooming inside them.
KHR X Reader~ <3 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by XHibariTheCarnivoreX
KHR X Reader~ <3 (Katekyo Hitman R...by Risu-chan
Dino has a sister. That sister is you~ Will you be able to charm the awesome KHR bishounens? Will you make Hibari's, Gokudera's, Tsuna's, Squalo's or even Reborn's heart...
What I Need... by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
What I Need...by Royal-Chan
Since he become the Decimo, Vongola slowly turned for the better. Tsuna who is known as 'the Angelo' always took the peaceful way to rule the underground world. His infa...
To The Sun I Loathe by KianoZee
To The Sun I Loatheby Zee
Six years ago, an old mafioso family appointed a new boss. The new boss was still young; however, she was chosen by the pacifier at a very young age. Hungry for power an...
Hibari's little sister by mashimaronutjelly
Hibari's little sisterby JELLYBEAN
When the younger sister of Hibari Kyoya suddenly shows up one day, she is nothing like what Tsuna and the rest would've expected- bubbly, cheerful and sociable, Hibari H...
Th Moon guardian of Vongola by hikoka226
Th Moon guardian of Vongolaby hikoka226
A story about a normal otaku living his life then was transported to the world of mafia and flames ..............but as a GIRL . FOLLOW him or her to this crazy adventu...
Tsunas Adopted Sister /KHR Fan Fiction/ by L_a_d_y__L_i_k_e
Tsunas Adopted Sister /KHR Fan Fic...by Lunátik_
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ I stared at the woman who kindly helped me, "What's your name dear?" she inquired , I stared at her, not knowing how to respond. ...
KHR - Hibari 's sister !!! (On Hold) by Ayaka1206
KHR - Hibari 's sister !!! (On Hol...by くれあ
Ayaka Kyoya is Hibari 's sister , she is different from him , she knows Reborn and the 9th and about Vongola... and Reborn and the 9th was the one who train her to be a...
Winter's Monochrome [KHR Hibari Kyoya x Reader] by prince_the_ripper
Winter's Monochrome [KHR Hibari Ky...by Angel Rivera
Your eyes, bloodshot from the pain, started to puff and swell. Tears silently rolled down your face then off your chin. Your heart throbbed painfully as salty tears came...
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Primrose {Rokudou Mukuro X OC} by RosieeChanman
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Primrose...by Rosemary
Short {Mukuro X OC} story. Basically drabble- A beautiful cafe shop owner meets merciless and mysterious illusionist. Sweet secrets are revealed in the dark and vows ar...
Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic] by KuroiOozora
Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]by KuroiOozora
A Sky hidden in the dark Hoping to be found Hoping to be accepted Hoping to be acknowledged by many Despite his attitude towards them He had no choice but to But when he...
KHR Fanfic Clichés by -idxris
KHR Fanfic Clichésby - aris. ♡♡
Just a very offensive book about KHR Fanfiction Clichés. Trust me, I love all you writers out there. This book's just a joke. A very offensive joke. Haha. Sorry. This am...
..::..Just Hand Me a Pacifier..::.. by Digital-Galaxy
..::..Just Hand Me a Pacifier..::..by ꧁Digital - Galaxy ꧂
Ever had that feeling that something's missing? But you don't know what? The Tenth Generation of Arcobaleno have felt that way for a long time. After seeing Bermuda, the...
My 24 Hours Pet [KHR FANFIC] by possum-p
My 24 Hours Pet [KHR FANFIC]by Sleepy
The rules are simple: "You lost the game, you become your opponent's pet for 24 hours" The brunette fell to his knees, mourning the death of his hope for the n...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Namimori Junior Highschool Class Reunion ! by ChubbyChubbyMe
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Namimori Ju...by ChubbyChubbyMe
~This story is the sequel to my previous story: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Class Trip to ITALY!!~ After the Class Trip,Junior Highschool Class 1-A stay still as classmates fo...
Fulmine by sarahBling2
Fulmineby sara me
"What is this? Why is it bright when I should be dead?" "The name is Lambi" "You need to kill Reborn otherwise dont come home" "Yare...
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Discontinued* by RandomlyGenerated_
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Dis...by :-) H
A girl or rather woman despises the thought of the outside world along with the emotions and problems that go with it. When she meets her unfortunate demise, she gets re...
Cherry Blossoms [KHR Fanfiction] by ei_ren
Cherry Blossoms [KHR Fanfiction]by Ei
《I absolutely suck at summaries Please excuse me as it sit at the corner.》 Summary: Follows canon, most of the time; OC. Meet Kannagi Ouka. Is she a hit? Yes she is. Is...