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Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic] by KuroiOozora
Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]by KuroiOozora
A Sky hidden in the dark Hoping to be found Hoping to be accepted Hoping to be acknowledged by many Despite his attitude towards them He had no choice but to But when he...
When Spring Fades Away by Blaxis
When Spring Fades Awayby Tati
When the Vongola Family's spring faded away, all that was left was... "I will love you, forever and ever."
Fulmine by sarahBling2
Fulmineby sara me
"What is this? Why is it bright when I should be dead?" "The name is Lambi" "You need to kill Reborn otherwise dont come home" "Yare...
The Change In Life Forever (A Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfic) by _animewatcher_
The Change In Life Forever (A Kate...by Miyo Miyasaki
Tsunayoshi Sawada is a boy who lives in Namimori, Japan. He's not very smart, nor is he good at sports. With his older brother around, Tsuna feels safe, enjoying his lif...
Reborn as a cat in KHR by ScarletClown
Reborn as a cat in KHRby ScarletClown
Tanaka Arisu is a normal girl with a normal life. She wasn't that pretty and she wasn't that smart. She had dreams. A dream of becoming a doctor, a mother and a grandpar...
The little sky has a big flame by BerryBerryBlitz
The little sky has a big flameby BerryBerryBlitz
Tsuna got hit by the ten year bazooka, unfortunately.... A certain mechanic had previously decided to 'upgrade it' Now Tsuna is stuck in his five year old body, however...
The Love Of My Life by Aros27
The Love Of My Lifeby Cielo
Tsunayoshi had been always called Dame-tsuna his entire life despite his many talents,A man came to him suddenly that will change Tsunayoshi's and will stand by his side...
A new Life (KHR Fanfic) by EnjuYuki
A new Life (KHR Fanfic)by Maya
A 27 year old Sawada Tsunayoshi was there, living in his hell of being a boss, PAPERWORKS. But then, he started getting dizzy and Byakuran gave him his usual smile. &quo...
My 24 Hours Pet [KHR FANFIC] by possum-p
My 24 Hours Pet [KHR FANFIC]by Sleepy
The rules are simple: "You lost the game, you become your opponent's pet for 24 hours" The brunette fell to his knees, mourning the death of his hope for the n...
Class 2-A Goes to Italy! (Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfic) by Hophop2020
Class 2-A Goes to Italy! (Katekyo...by Hophop
When Sawada Tsunayoshi's class get's chosen to go on a class trip to Italy, will his class find out his real identity. How will they react when they find out that Tsuna...
(ON HOLD) Being a Shinobi by KuroiOozora
(ON HOLD) Being a Shinobiby KuroiOozora
[KHR x NARUTO] (SLOW UPDATE) Tsuna wasn't sure if life loved her that much or hate her that much to make her stay on the ground, as instead of letting her sit on the flu...
BEING 27 (KHR Fanfic) by -idxris
BEING 27 (KHR Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
Ever heard of 27? Y'know, that hacker, information dealer, handyman, assassin, whatever that has yet to be caught? The one that's killed person after person of each and...
Long 'Fun' Class Trip to Italy by KouMamoru
Long 'Fun' Class Trip to Italyby Kou_M
SUMMARY: After Reborn informs that Tsuna and his classmate gonna go on a trip to Italy, they roar in happiness, thinking of the rare chance to travel outside, well excep...
〔Dawning Memories〕[Hibari Kyoya] (KHR) by MizzGinger
〔Dawning Memories〕[Hibari Kyoya] (...by ❥Mizz
Before he ruined a part of your life, you had to meet him first. This was how you met him, this was how it started, this was the dawn of your memories with him. This was...
A New Change [Discontinued] by Kittensrcute1494
A New Change [Discontinued]by iamlowkeycrying
[Discontinued] A New Change (KHR + AssClass Crossover) Sawada Tsunayoshi always had a fuzzy feeling in his head when he was around his friends, his family, but he never...
Get back in time by KouMamoru
Get back in timeby Kou_M
Summary: Tsuna who currently enjoys his stress-free life only one day everything change when a familiar purple bazooka drop on him, only to find him travel to different...
The Sky and his Sun (KHR Fanfic R27) by AdrianaEspan
The Sky and his Sun (KHR Fanfic R2...by AdrianaEspan
Where Tsuna is the Sky Arcobaleno, and sky arcobalenos look like teenagers who don't age or die. He is not the Vongola Decimo. The question is, if Tsuna and Reborn were...
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Discontinued* by RandomlyGenerated_
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Dis...by :-) H
A girl or rather woman despises the thought of the outside world along with the emotions and problems that go with it. When she meets her unfortunate demise, she gets re...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Namimori Junior Highschool Class Reunion ! by ChubbyChubbyMe
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Namimori Ju...by ChubbyChubbyMe
~This story is the sequel to my previous story: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Class Trip to ITALY!!~ After the Class Trip,Junior Highschool Class 1-A stay still as classmates fo...
Hibari Kyoya-WIZARD!? (HP x KHR) by TETRACIDE
Hibari Kyoya-WIZARD!? (HP x KHR)by TETRACIDE
PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT FIRST!!! After having his wand snapped, Harry left his loved ones and went to a muggle school in Japan to live as a normal muggle. But Harry Pot...