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A sky within the night -KHR by BerryBerryBlitz
A sky within the night -KHRby BerryBerryBlitz
When Reborn, the world's greatest hitman, came all the way to Namimori from Italy, he was expecting a model student with a silent older twin... Unfortunately, that isn't...
Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27) by RainbowFluff24
Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27)by Rainbow_Fluff
*Complete* ----------------- what would happen if Tsuna was sent back in time to When Reborn wasn't curse yet?What will happen in the time he's there?Will he make it hom...
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr  by Why_DidYou_DoThat
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr by Whats_WrongWith_BeingGay?
A Wannabe sociopath is reborn into the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn by death himself, being reborn as Skull De Mort!!! I do not own Khr only my oc. All my art except c...
A Class Trip to...WHERE?! by Animelover3313
A Class Trip to...WHERE?!by Animelover3313 ASL
I know there is a lot of stories... or rather fanfic about Tsuna's class going to Italy during their class trip or being chose to go to visit there... But their re...
Eri's The New Sky Arcobaleno by wildpika-pika
Eri's The New Sky Arcobalenoby DayDae
Eri has found a way out, before our hero friends, knew about her, and with it a huge price. She had to become the new Sky Arcobaleno.
Calm + Bright = F27 by LuvPatissiere
Calm + Bright = F27by ~m
hiatus What If..Reborn arrived and saw a certain Prefect hugging the person he was planned to Tortu-Tutor? 'Wait..That's not how Hibari Kyoya's apperance was described...
Secrets You Never Knew (Slow Updates) by NightWolf2300
Secrets You Never Knew (Slow Jade Wolf
Tsuna has a secret only a few people know of. That fact that he is the soon-to-be Vongola Decimo but also a famous hacker and hitman called OrangeFrost. Nono sends a le...
Just a normal day for Vongola by Thecatleader
Just a normal day for Vongolaby Silentstar
Summary: Another series of one shots featuring what is considered normal for Vongola and insane for everyone else.
The One Hidden Behind a Genius (KHR) by KasaiSama
The One Hidden Behind a Genius ( Kasai
Ever since Tsuna was little he has been surrounded by music due to his elder brother Giotto who is a world famous idol in the group Primo. But Tsuna was also always alon...
Immortality Sucks by Thecatleader
Immortality Sucksby Silentstar
unless you have a friend that's immortal with you. Summary: Everyone knows Skull is immortal, a fact the Arcobaleno live with daily, but they know that when they die Sku...
Core Eater by Thecatleader
Core Eaterby Silentstar
Summary: He told them he didn't want to be boss. He did not wish for the position he was put in. He decided his efforts were wasted. He has now gone. He is now hungry...
Ninja Arcobaleno by Thecatleader
Ninja Arcobalenoby Silentstar
Summary: What happens when Byakuran somehow combines himself with Kawahira? (aka: Checkerface) Chaos, absolute chaos. So when Byakuran finds a dimension that's in troubl...
I met him at a bar by stone1804
I met him at a barby Angelina Ault
When Luce dragged the Arcobaleno to a karaoke night at her bar to meet one of her employees, Reborn was not expecting to find someone that could make him feel the way he...
Body Doubles by Thecatleader
Body Doublesby Silentstar
Summary: In a world were Tsuna somehow gets the ability to asexually reproduce himself, a lot of people are going to be confused when the Vongola Decimo is somehow anywh...
Reborn centered oneshots  by Thecatleader
Reborn centered oneshots by Silentstar
Just another collection of oneshots exclusively for our greatest hitman.
Lost- Kateikyou Hitman Reborn Fan Fiction (Gokudera Hayato) by VariaFan
Lost- Kateikyou Hitman Reborn ~Terrestiel~
Though he swore to dedicate his life to Vongola Decimo, Gokudera Hayato never knew that even his own emotions could make him waver from this decision. And all because o...
The Silver Kitsune (The Re-make) by stone1804
The Silver Kitsune (The Re-make)by Angelina Ault
She dreamed. She dreamed of memories. The memories of her past life, and she dreamed of the would'ves, could've's, should'ves, and the what if's. Of the nightmares and k...
HIT IT! {Khr fanfic} by Vel_dreamz
HIT IT! {Khr fanfic}by Vel_dreamz
Tsuna had passion for singing.His voice is powerful reckoning. Surely,his band grow to be far more greater then the group 'Arcobaleno' Tsuna faces challenges to achieve...
 Unexpected Cloud by meltedwaxwings
Unexpected Cloudby × - wax_wings - ×
It started a normal day. Beatings, and practice, and school. But on his store run, something strange occurred. (Sorry if the summary sucks. T--T I didn't know what to wr...
A Traveling Wish by Sa1sa_Paminta
A Traveling Wishby Sa1sa_Paminta
Here's a story of a normal, teenage girl who is really bored out of her mind and makes a simple wish. Let it be known that she didn't actually think that this was going...