60. Shamal Has a Bad Day

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Chapter starts after zee stars



"Whenever I fart and Tsuna's around, I blame it on him"


"I secretly like the colourful underwear Tsuna picks out for me"


"I like Tsuna's cooking"


"I miss Tsu-chan"


"I stole candy from a store and put it in Tsuna's bag to frame him"


"I'm afraid of heights"


"I flipped a girl's skirt and pretended to be Tsuna"


"I'm scared to learn why Tsuna became a monster"


"Damn traffic.." Shamal clicked his tongue as he lit a new cigarette while he steered through the streets. He was seriously concerned about the consequences of not making it in time. When he heard the Decimo candidate's brother's voice, he'd thought he was going to die.

'If the candidate's brother is that scary... I wonder how the actual candidate is...'

A sudden crash from above caused him to jerk the wheel to the side, almost colliding into another car. "The hell?!" He looked up, eyes wide in shock at the indent in the car roof. A chill ran down his spine at the threatening aura that suddenly enveloped him.

He slammed onto the brakes, spotting a fluffy brown haired body go flying in front of the car, crumpled on the ground. Before he could think to act, the body suddenly stood upright, as if it was being pulled by strings. Head lowered, the fluffy bangs kept its eyes from sight as the body, now identified as a boy stalked towards the car. Shamal caught his breath when the boy raised his head, orange eyes searing into his soul.

"Oh shit..." Shamal breathed as the brunette made his way towards the passenger door, opened it and sat beside him.

'This must be the candidate's brother...'

"I-I'm not slacking off, I'm seriously heading towards the location Reborn told me" Shamal quickly stuttered, cursing himself for losing his composure. The kid was damn freaky. Orange eyes flashed for a moment before being replaced by a soft honey shade, a warm smile graced the boy's lips.

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