7: Chat on the roof

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The hitman raised a brow when the teen suddenly let go of the broom and allowed it to clatter towards the ground.

Tsuna noticed this and shrugged.

"I've been dubbed lazy-Tsuna, I should strive to live up to my name"

The brunette replied before walking away from the gym, waving backwards lazily.

Reborn let out a sigh and shook his head as he followed the teen down the halls and up the stairs that lead to the roof.

The cool air was soothing as he stepped onto the roof, the brunette was already leaned against the rusty fence that prevented people from falling. He was gazing at the sky lazily.


The honey eyed teen's voice was soft, the hitman suddenly noticed how tired the teen seemed.

"What is it lazy-Tsuna?"

The infant asked as he hopped onto the fence and sat next to the brunette.

"Why do you keep following me? Shouldn't you be with Ie-San?"

The brunette asked softly as he turned away from the sky to look at the hitman.

"Because I want to find out your secrets"

The hitman replied as he tilted his fedora downwards to hide his face from view, he was only speaking a half truth. It was true that he wanted to know the teen's secrets, but he also felt drawn towards the boy for some reason.

A bitter smile played the brunette's lips as honey orbs looked towards the hitman gratefully.

"It would be much easier for the both of us if you just ignore my existence...."

Tsuna trailed off as he turned back towards the sky.

"It would be much more simple for the both of us if you were to stop saying words that could have multiple meanings"

Reborn replied with a smirk.

"True..... But the truth isn't always the best answer, it always leads to pain...."

Tsuna's voice was little more than a whisper, Reborn felt his flame call out to the boy.

The hitman was about to respond until he noticed honey orbs narrow, he followed the teen's gaze to see that Ie was talking to Yamamotto at the baseball field.

"That idiot......"

Tsuna hissed uncharacteristically, somewhat startling the hitman in the process for he hadn't expected the teen to be capable of such a tone, especially with his normally soft voice.

'So he can openly show his distaste instead of always being subtle, but then what happened to make him like this?...'

"What's wrong?"

Honey orbs met onyx as the teen let out a tired sigh.

"Ie-San isn't the right person for Yamamotto to be talking to in his current state....."

Reborn was silent as he looked back towards the baseball field.

"So you've noticed too, Yamamotto's distress"

It was more of a statement than a question.

"Of course, I don't do my school work so I end up having lots of time, of course I would notice how Yamamotto never truly smiles.... Ie is careless...he could easily say the wrong thing to set Yamamotto off...."

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