9: Visitor at night

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"Thanks, but don't worry, this happens once in a while"

The brunette replied softly as he wiped his mouth before standing up and exiting the washroom, stumbling slightly in the process.

The hitman frowned, not liking the brunette's health problem.

'Maybe I should call Shamal over sooner than I initially thought....'

The hitman left the brunette and exited the house, he then hopped onto the roof and had Leon transform into a phone, he dialled the doctor's number.

"Hello~ which little sweet ar—"

A males voice cooed from the other side of the Leon phone, causing a twinge of annoyance to manifest within the hitman.

"I'm pretty sure neither of us wants to sleep with the other Shamal"

The hitman remarked, grinning evilly when he heard the person on the other end of the phone splutter in surprise.

"R-reborn..... Yes you're absolutely right, I dislike men, and I'm not into infants"

Shamal replied.

"You're lucky that you're currently needed or I would hunt you down and shoot you"

The hitman warned, earning himself a nervous laugh from the other.

"S-so why did you call?"

"I need you to do a check up on the health of an acquaintance.

"Is it a lovely girl?"

"No it's the Vongolia Decimo's brother"

The hitman replied easily, ignoring the snort from the other.

"Reborn, you know very well that I only treat beautiful ladies"

"Become the nurse at Namimori middle school, there of plenty of young girls there"

"Fine... But I'm not treating any boys"

The hitman hung up and Leon transformed back into his original form.

'Once that idiot arrives I'll force him to treat lazy-Tsuna, then I could start trying to make him Decimo instead of the brat'

The hitman planned, he walked over towards Tsuna's room and frowned when he saw the teen huddled up in his bed.

"I'd have thought that you'd go and disappear all night like yesterday".

The hitman stated, the honey eyed teen laughed lightly at his comment as he shook his head.

"No I had an appointment of sorts, today I'm tired..... So I'm going to go sleep...."

Tsuna trailed off before covering his mouth to stifle a yawn.


"Yeah with a skylark"

The hitman thought for a few moments before replying.

"Hibari Kyoya? Why would the rumoured demon perfect want anything to do with the famous 'Dame-Tsuna' besides 'biting' you to death"

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