Zee Berry iz back

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I'll update before July 7 2019

(need to refresh on KHR and reread this story and not neglect my Magic Kaito stories. (Magic Kaito is a phantom thief anime ^>~<^)

Reason I stopped writing: something happened so writing was connected to my past which whenever I thought about, a murderous rage flowed through me.

I had to stop writing and drawing to not think about it and commit murder. Recently the cause of my murderous intent has moved to another province so there's no chance of me going to jail. (If only murder was legal...)

Anyways who wouldn't want to kill the person who set your house on fire, killed your cat, guinea pigs, mouse, and stole hundreds from you for drugs~ and often threatened to set both your hair on fire and your remaining cat? ~~

So yeah... totally fine as long as they stay out of the same province as me ^~^

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