49: Letter

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The hitman watched curiously as the brunette made his way towards the window, stumbling slightly in the process.

'He's seriously exiting out the window again?'

Reborn hopped onto the window's ledge right as Tsuna managed to open it an inch.

"You're not heading out the window"

Reborn stated at the desperate gaze of the honey eyed teen.

"But Reb—ack!"

The brunette suddenly dropped swiftly into a crouch, both hands cupping over his mouth as his body shuddered from the effort of holding in his coughs.

The hitman lowered his fedora to hide his concern, he didn't like seeing the teen seem so vulnerable.

'I've really got to get Shamal to come over quicker.....'

"I'll go get you some water"

The hitman muttered in concern as he shudders refused to halt, however he was stopped by the silent shaking of the teen's head.

"No.... Works...."

The honey eyed teen gasped.

"Let out your coughs dame-Tsuna, you're making it worse for yourself...."

The hitman replied as he wondered why water wouldn't work.

'Why is he so persistent in not letting out his coughs?.... Holding them in only makes it worse...'

"..... Alone...."

Tsuna whispered weakly before his whole body tensed as the coughs finally broke free. Reborn's inner flame flailed with concern as the coughs wracked through the teen's body, flailing even further as it began to sound as if the teen was choking on something.

Reborn was stumped, he didn't know what to do for once, he wasn't a doctor, and he had a feeling that he didn't have anything available to help the teen. All he could do was watch, despite the teen's wishes.

'It's just coughing.... But coughs shouldn't cripple someone, especially someone like Tsuna....'

A choked put pained cry followed by a whimper snapped the hitman out of his thoughts just in time for him to watch the teen curl into himself before going limp.

'He fainted....'

The hitman carefully moved the teen from his crouched position and into a laying down position, unease prickling at him when he spotted the crimson trailing from the teen's mouth and covering the palms of the boy's hands.

He pulled out a cloth and began to wipe away the blood from the teen's hands gently, his lips pulled into a grim frown.

'I've seen something like this before..... I've got to get shamal to hurry up..... But it's also impossible for it to be the same....'

The hitman shook his head as he leaned against the teen's back to think.


"Nono you've called?"

'I wonder if he's trying to shove off all of his paperwork onto me again...'

A well built blond with stubble wearing a suit called as he closed the door behind him with a soft clock.

"Yes, I've read some reports from Reborn that are rather disturbing..."

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