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The hitman lowered his fedora at the brunette's words.

'Child experimentation.... How can Tsuna act so nonchalant about it as if he hadn't just escaped from such a fate....'

The hitman took in the brunette's tired yet calm expression.

'Maybe he's so calm because to him this may be a somewhat normal occurrence.... This isn't good...'


The hitman raised a brow at the brunette's sudden exclamation.


"You still have my knife! I was worried that you may have tossed it or handed it over to Vongola for testing!"

The brunette replied as he looked towards the knife that was still in the hitman's hands.

'I guess it's a good thing that I decided not to hand away his knife...'

"It's interesting, where did you get it?"

'I've never seen anything like it before...'

Reborn inquired as he handed the brunette back the knife, honey orbs were gleaming as the teen weighed the knife back and forth in the palms of his hands.

"It was a gift from someone very special to me, that's all I can say Reborn"

The brunette replied as he pocketed the knife, the hitman noted that the boy's faded injuries were now completely gone.

'Someone special.... Maybe he'll tell me eventually when I gain more of his trust'

"Tsuna, why did you toss me your knife if it was so special to you? You could have freed yourself with it"

The brunette smiled sadly at the hitman's words.

"You would have been stuck there until I freed you if I didn't too you my knife, I didn't need to free myself because I allowed myself to be caught on purpose"

'On purpose?.... He could have been killed!'


The brunette shrugged before coughing, he winced slightly.

"I wanted to deal with that group, they had been bothering me for a while and I was getting annoyed so I figured, why not?"

The brunette's voice was beginning to become hoarse from the continuous talking.

'That's a very dangerous mindset....'

"It's been hours... I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't stay somewhere like that willingly"

The brunette cringed at the hitman's words, confirming his suspicions.

"What did they do to you?"

Honey orbs flashed with dread as the brunette bit his lip and looked away.

"I'd rather not talk about it.... The sacrifices were necessary for me to get rid of those people.... They would have gone after Ie-San eventually..."

The hitman clenched his fists and lowered his fedora at the brunette's words.

'Why the hell does he keep saying his pain is necessary?! He's just a teen yet he claims its normal for him to suffer in order for Baka-Ie to be happy! He shouldn't have to suffer so much!'

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