25: Loyal storm

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Reborn wasn't pleased with the brunette's injuries though he silently noted that the boy could have ended up worse off.

'At least he's not dead'

After he removed Tsuna's tattered shirt he noted that there were no gashes or shrapnel embedded into him. Instead he had various burns, most of which were second degree and located on his back.

'Not as good as if prefer but it's better than I feared'

He ignored Gokudera's concerned hovering as he summoned his flame.

However as soon as his flame touched the brunette a pained scream shot out of Tsuna's mouth as his body arched in pain, the hitman quickly removed his flame and stared at the brunette curiously.

'What?.... Why is my flame only causing him more harm?..... My sun flame may not be as good at healing as other people's but I can still heal with it....'

The screams calmed down shortly after the sun flame had lost contact with the brunette.

The hitman raised a brow and touched the brunette for a second with a flame lit hand, causing the boy to once more cry out in pain.

'This isn't normal.... Maybe that's why he freaked out the last time he saw my flame.... But, that means that he's seen flames before....'

Reborn let out an annoyed sigh as he pointed towards the medicine cabinets.

"Go heal your boss with the medical supplies"

Emerald orbs lit up in excitement as the silver haired teen rushed over to get supplies.

"Of course Reborn-San! I'll heal Juudaime!"

The hitman smirked darkly at the teen's excitement.

'Tsuna is going to have his hands full dealing with him'


Honey orbs slowly opened, the brunette let out a pained whine as he sat up on the infirmary bed.

"Took you long enough to wake up"

Honey orbs snapped over towards the hitman in surprise before softening.

Tsuna opened his mouth to respond but his gaze caught sight of Gokudera and he snapped it closed with a small frown.

'As I expected.... He won't talk to Gokudera... I'll just have to change that...'

"Juudaime! I will humbly serve you!"

Gokudera called as he bowed at a perfect ninety degree angle, causing a light blush of embarrassment to dust the brunette's cheeks.

Tsuna waved his arms into an X sign and shook his head.

Reborn chuckled darkly to himself at his student's shyness.

'Perfect blackmail for the future where he's Vongola Decimo...'

"So humble! I will protect you with my life! I never actually wanted to kill you, I just wanted to test you! Please let me be your right hand man!"

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