40: Reboryamma

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Reborn raised a curious brow at the package that the skylark had dropped off, he glanced towards the brunette to see that the teen was smiling softly.

'He doesn't seem surprised by Hibari's arrival'

"Proof? ... Ah!"

The principal gasped in shock when he opened up the parcel to reveal an old time capsule with a failed test, which coincidentally had Nezu's name on it.

"I knew that Nexu was a fraud!"

The silver haired bomber called as he pointed accusingly at the test.

"Haha didn't expect that!"

Takeshi laughed as he scratched his cheek with a finger, the honey eyed brunette was silent as he watched the principal who was frowning at the test.

'Hibari must have seen this coming somehow.... It's too much of a coincidence if he didn't....'

"Everyone return to your class..... Professor Boreen, I'd hate to ask you, but could you become a teacher for today?"

The mini hitman smirked at the principal's offer.

'Perfect, I'd love to teach a whole class... I could mould in some discipline as well....'

"Of course, I can also suggest a permanent replacement for Nezu, his name would be Reboryama"

The hitman noticed how the brunette rolled his eyes. However the principal clapped his hands in delight.

"That's a wonderful idea!"

'It's so easy to fool people... Well lazy-Tsuna is the exception'

"Okay I'll call him to come over, I've got something to do right now"

The Hitman stated, before hopping out the window.

With that, the three teens headed back towards their classroom.


"The three of you were slow returning to class"

Reborn stated from his spot in the front of the class, this time he had donned a pair of circle glasses, a brown suit and a pointer stick; of which seemed durable enough to give a student a good whack if needed.

Tsuna blinked before bowing his head slightly in apology before heading towards his desk. Somebody attempted to trip him, however that student suddenly passed out with a cloud of white dust where their forehead once was.

Tsuna grimaced slightly.

'It seems like Tsuna was the only one who noticed me throw chalk at that idiot's head...'

Everyone was shocked when Hyato obediently say into his desk.

'Tsuna must have told him who I was, he didn't recognize me as Boreen after all'


Class had carried on smoothly, though most of the class had been rendered unconscious within the first half hour.

He had asked Tsuna to write down the answer to a question on paper before he read it aloud for the class to hear. He wanted everyone to know that the brunette wasn't cheating, however most importantly, he wanted Tsuna to have more confidence in himself.

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