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Chapter 152 - Mating Threesome - Raine's POV

I finally felt whole again. Cage's strong arms were banded around me as I slept on his chest. We had taken short breaks in between our love making and another shower somewhere in there, but for majority of the time, his body had been firmly buried in mine. Even now. I didn't want to break our physical connection, ever. After our last frenzied session, I had been too tired and too comfortable to even move, so we fell asleep with him still inside of me. It was more than lust or even love. A deep peace settled in my bones at the very rightness of it. This was where he belonged, always.

I had shared almost everything with him about our time apart, certainly difficult details of my physical and emotional attachment to Marku. Those revelations hadn't been easy to say, but I wouldn't ever keep something as important as that a secret from him. He hadn't been thrilled, but I thought he'd understood.

There was one thing I hadn't told him - his baby was dead. I just couldn't. Not yet.  The time was coming, soon, when he would have to grieve. He would be faced with the same crippling sorrow and heartache I was. But we still had a battle ahead of us. Today, we were going to find Acheron and as soon as we did, he would once again be put in harms way. Every fiber in my body rejected the thought that I could lose him again. I just couldn't tell him something that I knew would weaken him emotionally or mentally...not before this battle.

I had almost come undone when he spoke of Talon as a son. The love and affection in his tone had been transparent, and beautiful. He had an amazing capacity to love. He felt deeply. It was for that very reason, I couldn't tell him about his baby. Not yet.  As soon as we won, as soon as we were free of Acheron and home, I would tell him. Until then, I would bear the burden alone.

He stirred beneath me. I felt his lips press gently on my head. His voice was thick with sleep as he whispered, "Dulce."

I snuggled closer.

The buzz of my cell phone interrupted our quiet time. But I knew it would. Brialle had said they would call an hour before we were scheduled to leave. Felaern needed to spend time with Cage, to discern where Lady Sofielle was being held, and to formulate a plan of attack to free her.

I whispered, "It's time."

He nodded, an equal expression of reluctance in his eyes, as I lifted off of him.
After showering and changing, we made our way to a conference room, where the rest of our group waited. I tugged on Cage's hand, pulling him toward the couch where Talon sat. I noticed Talon was cleanly shaven once again. He stood and embraced me, his body relaxing at our touch. When I pulled back, Cage also gathered him in a warm embrace. Talon had grown so much since I freed him from Seraphine, but he wasn't ready to be strong on his own. I could tell the last two months without me had been hell for him. He still needed me close. Just as I needed him close. Outside of the Cage, no one was more important to me than Talon.

Felaern' expression was grim and calculating as he lifted from his seat next to Brialle, and joined us on the couch, sitting on the other side of Cage. Cage didn't flinch when Felaern pressed both of his hands to Cage's temples, feeling for the bond Lady Sofielle had planted in him, the roadmap that would lead us to her location. There was complete silence in the room as we waited. Felaern's eyes closed and his head dropped as he held tightly and listened. After several minutes, he released Cage.

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