Okay Peaches, we are nearing the completion of this story.  As such, I have a few questions that would REALLY help me and I would sooooo appreciate any/all feedback good/bad or otherwise that you can share.

1) Are there any specific unanswered questions you have?  I can actually think of a few. For example, why is Ivy not a vampire? what are Marku's 'additional skills', specifically?  Things like that, that I haven't fully explained. Or it doesn't have to be plot related, it could just be questions like where did Brialle get all of that money to leave to Raine in the trust fund?

If you want to know something, tell me now, so I can fill in the blanks in the final chapters for anything I missed.

2) Next, what were your most emotional parts? 

Which part made you cry the most?

Laugh the most?

Most angry?

3) Where there moments you felt were 'character inconsistent' or 'too fast' or 'just simply incorrect'?

Your comments won't hurt my feelings, regardless of if you hated something, so hit me with them! I have changed/edited all of my stories dramatically due to reader and beta reader comments. Again, I can't 'read' the story like you guys do.  Here are some examples of changes I have already made based on reader comments:

* When originally written, chapter 1 and 2 were basically the same events just in different perspective (Raine and Cage). My Beta reader stressed how 'redundant' that felt, so I chopped and edited chapters 1-3, to remove as much of the redundancy as I could.

* I described Bloodline Vampire Queen Isolde as having flawless 'black' skin. One reader commented I should have used 'brown' skin.  Similar to my own life, where I've dated an array of beautiful African American men, I adore incorporating strong, gorgeous and virile African American characters into my books: Kieran, Gen. Raed, Queen Isolde and Dragon Lord Tavian. But alas, even though I have zero prejudice and find all races equal and beautiful, I don't know some of the nuances that might be offensive, so I greatly appreciate this type of input. (I ended up changing it to 'deep mahogany' because I thought it was prettier and more expressive than brown.)

* I tweaked and added quite a bit to explain both Raine and Cage's motivation for her moving on to Alaric.  I know some (okay, a lot) of you hated that she had sex with Alaric, and that plot point, in and of itself, won't change, but due to the comments, I evened-out/further-explained the character motivations. It wasn't all Raine's choice as Cage ends up insisting she complete her royal duty, regardless of whether it tears them apart, because of his nobility. These were motivations that already existed in my head, but your comments made it super clear that I hadn't done the best job at revealing them.

*An upcoming edit I will be making is on the gun description, where I got it wrong. Thanks so much to @KaylaDuke650, a sweet little vampire-fiction/arms-enthusiast reader, she gave me the correct terminology to use. I do actually do research (quite a bit) for various chapters in the book, but it's hugely time consuming on top of the already lengthy amount of time it takes to write the book, so this kind of input is super helpful as well.

3) Which continuing stories are you interested in?  If you want all of them, could you rate them in order? My time is tight, so I'll have to be selective and if I do decide to write any of them, they will be a hell of a lot shorter than this book. (This book is a monster in size if you haven't already figured that out. lol)




THANKS again for any/all input you provide!!!!!

I hope to have the next chapters coming soon.

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